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{Blog Tour} {Excerpt} {Giveaway} {Spotlight} To Overthrow Evil ~ Out For You ~ by Sam Crescent

About The Book

To Overthrow Evil by Sam Crescent

Series: Out For You
Publisher: OmniLit / ARe Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Genres: Paranormal 

Available at ARe


Before they can be out together, they must rid their pack of the evil within.

Sean Ridge, the Alpha’s son, harbors a dangerous secret about his long-time best friend. Ben, the son of their pack’s Beta, also happens to be Sean’s destined mate. 

However, same-sex matings are forbidden by pack law and those who defy tradition risk death. To survive, Sean and Ben must live a lie. But they’re not the only two who want pack law to change. A group of wolves are planning an uprising to overthrow the evil Alpha. 

Will Sean and Ben choose to run and forever look over their shoulders? Or will they take a stand and fight for the right to choose their mates and live in the open?


  Sean Ridge and Ben Frizz stared out of window toward the forest while the rest of the pack ran. It was a full moon, and only those of the pack who were unable to change stayed indoors. The hairs on Sean’s arm stood on end as he thought about what he’d just witnessed.

  “I don’t know if I can stop being sick,” Ben said, putting a hand to his stomach. They were both seventeen and the best of friends. Their fathers were the alpha and beta of the pack. When they were both old enough they’d take their places, bringing protection and guidance like both of their fathers before them.

  Sean no longer looked toward the thick forest but down at the town square where two men had been made an example of. The very sight of them, hung up on posts, sickened him. There were a couple of people who were admiring the death before them. His own father had done this before his very eyes. He’d never known and never wanted to know anything like it again.

  “How could they punish them, Sean?”

  “I don’t know.”

  “When you’re mates, it shouldn’t matter. Both men were mates.” Ben shook his head stepping away from the view. “I can’t look. I don’t know how those people can even stand to look at it.”

  “Both our fathers did that, and those people agree with it.”

  “They’re outlawing same-sex mates. If they don’t leave the pack, they’re going to kill them.”

  He didn’t know what to say. Leaving the sight, Sean sat on the bed, drawing his knees up against his chest. He didn’t know if another pack allowed same-sex mates.

  Closing his eyes, he tried to hold in the shudder as he recalled his father’s disgust.

  “I will not have this disgusting order in my pack. If any of you wish to fuck one of your own sex get the fuck out, or you will end up like these two dirty bastards.” His father had spat on the floor, the disgust inside him clear for all to see.

  “Mates don’t have a choice, Sean. Those two men lost their lives because the fates decided they were supposed to be together.”

  “And our fathers made sure they couldn’t. I don’t know what to say, Ben. We can’t allow ourselves to worry about it. Our mates will be women, and we won’t have to deal with our fathers’ wrath.”

  Ben came to sit beside him. “I’m not worried about our mates. I don’t want to be part of a pack that can do that to fated loved ones. We’re a pack. There shouldn’t be any law above mates, and yet we’ve just witnessed two men humiliated and murdered.”

  Shaking his head, Sean rested his chin on his knees. “I can’t think about this right now. I really can’t.”

  In one quick move, he left the bed to rush toward the bathroom. He brought up all of his dinner until there was nothing left. Sean heard Ben enter the bathroom while he was throwing up.

  “It’s okay,” Ben said, rubbing his back.

  Resting his head on the side of the toilet, Sean didn’t know how much more he could take. He loved his family, but his father had very strict beliefs. Over the last couple of months he’d witnessed a vile destructive quality to his father.

  “Is it okay?”

  “They might be the only two out there.”

  “I doubt that. Dad is going to tear this pack apart. There’s something different inside him, Ben. An evilness that unleashes near every full moon.” Tears filled his eyes, which he tried to force down. It wouldn’t do him any good to cry.

  “We can survive this together. I swear.” Ben grabbed his head, and Sean didn’t do anything to fight his touch. This was his biggest secret. Every time Ben put his hands on him it sent warmth throughout his entire body. Lately his dreams had been consumed by Ben. Every time he closed his eyes, Ben was there, talking to him, guiding him, kissing him, loving him.

  The hotter the dreams, the more excited he became.

  Licking his dry lips, he pulled out of Ben’s hold. He couldn’t hurt his best friend and, the way his feelings were going, he could easily do it.

About The Author

Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011.

She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.

For more information on other books by Sam, visit her official website:

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{Blog Tour} {Excerpt} {Giveaway} {Review} {Spotlight} The Changing Years ~ Out For You ~ by Amber Kell

About The Book

The Changing Years by Amber Kell

Series: Out For You
Publisher: OmniLit / ARe Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Genres: ContemporaryParanormal 

Available at ARe


The most important show of strength is to embrace one’s true nature.

The death of his ex-wife grants Shaun McKellan custody of his only child, and the chance to know his son after years of separation. Now a full-time father, Shaun thinks his life is finally complete…then he meets the Alpha running the town where his son attends school.

Grant Thornlin has always resisted the temptation of other men. As the Alpha, he must be strong and give his pack the impression he has invincible power. Falling for a blond, blue-eyed artist with a half-shifter son has bad idea written all over it.

How can Shaun show Grant that loving another man doesn’t have to affect his position as Alpha?


First time I’ve read anything written by author Amber Kell, but it will not be the last. The Changing Years is a tantalizing tale about family, love, and commitment. Considering the length of this novella, around 25,500 words, I was amazed that she infused so many complex issues – blended families, bullying, bigotry, and prejudices. The author handled all of these topics with a delicate touch that complimented the story perfectly.

Review Copy Provided By: Tour Host

This book was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


     Grant Thornlin poured over the paperwork before him. Shit, he had too much going on to deal with a human trying to get his kid into the pack school. Each time he added a new member it seemed to triple his number of headaches. If it were just the kids it would be one thing but the parents tended to be the ones that needed all the attention. Dealing with a new parent, much less a human one, could only lead to trouble. He’d only agreed to meet with Mr. McKellan because he couldn’t resist his curiosity. Half shifters were incredibly rare. Most shifter/human bondings ended in no children. It was difficult for shifters to get pregnant by their true mates, much less by someone not bound in the way of the shifter. 

     He hoped McKellan didn’t take the rejection too hard. Grant had taken over the principal’s office for this visit. He visited the school regularly to check up on younger pack mates. The principal Dan Sonlan and all of the teachers had taken the day off for some sort of in service training, allowing Grant to usurp his space. It was only him and a skeleton staff.

     The phone buzzed.

     He pushed the intercom button.

     “Mr. McKellan is here for you sir,” Joyce, the school receptionist said. She’d been in that seat for twenty years and Grant didn’t think she’d ever taken a day off. He offered her a vacation day once and from her expression he might as well have offered to skin her wolf. The subject was never brought up again.

     “Send him in.” He pushed the button to disconnect the call. 

     The door opened and Grant’s breathing stopped. It took him a few minutes to get it started again.


      A slender man with dirty-blond hair and pale-blue eyes entered the room. Grant had never seen that color in a human before. His inner wolf howled its approval. Pushing the beast down, he fought for control. Never before had a man drawn his wolf’s attention. Sure he’d looked at a passing gorgeous man or woman but not like this. Not with the urge to pounce, mark and call a man his own.

     “Hello, are you Alpha Thornlin?” His soft melodic voice rolled across Grant, stroking his inner wolf.

     Would it be bad form to fuck him against the wall? 

     “Yes, you must be Mr. McKellan.” Grant cleared his throat then stood, grateful for his long suit jacket. If he’d dressed in more casual clothes his erection would’ve been visible.  He walked around the desk and held out his hand. A roller coaster of nerves did loop de loops in his stomach.

     “Nice to meet you.” McKellan slid his hand into Grant’s. Desire shot between the palms, a lightning bolt of need and want. A whimper threatened to come out but he beat it back into submission. Alphas didn’t make pitiful, needy noises like newly shifted wolves.

     “Please have a seat.” He motioned to the chair opposite from him and quickly took his seat, mindful of the comforting barrier of the desk. The more things between them the less likely he’d take the innocent human to the floor and start humping him.

     Crap, this isn’t good!

About The Author

Amber Kell has made a career out of daydreaming. It has been a lifelong habit she practices diligently as shown by her complete lack of focus on anything not related to her fantasy world building.

When she told her husband what she wanted to do with her life he told her to go have fun.

During those seconds she isn't writing she remembers she has children who humor her with games of 'what if' and let her drag them to foreign lands to gather inspiration. Her youngest confided in her that he wants to write because he longs for a website and an author name—two things apparently necessary to be a proper writer.

Despite her husband's insistence she doesn't drink enough to be a true literary genius she continues to spin stories of people falling happily in love and staying that way.

She is thwarted during the day by a traffic jam of cats on the stairway and a puppy who insists on walks, but she bravely perseveres.

For more information on other books by Amber, visit her official website:

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{Blog Tour} {Excerpt} {Giveaway} {Spotlight} The Sweetest Dare ~ Out For You ~ by Leigh Ellwood

About The Book

The Sweetest Dare by Leigh Ellwood

Series: Out For You
Publisher: OmniLit / ARe Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Genres: Contemporary


Sugar's sweet, but sex tastes better…

Kit Cheever is more than eager to welcome her new co-worker, Sidney Campbell, to Tish’s Riches, the best chocolate shop in Virginia. While the long days on the job hardly exhaust them for long nights of play, Sidney hopes for more in their relationship than candy-coated orgasms. Is dinner out too much to ask?

Kit would oblige, but she likes her privacy. The people of Dareville don’t need to know she and Sidney are anything more than co-workers. Why be “out” when it’s so much hotter and safer indoors?

Kit won’t even hold her hand in public, which upsets Sidney. She’s not asking Kit to march in a parade, just to acknowledge her feelings to the people she loves. What will it take to get Kit out of the closet and into Sidney’s heart?


     “Nice getup,” Kit said, and twirled her finger downward to guide Sidney to move away. “I have to see the shoes.”
     Sidney laughed and offered the full model strut. She whirled around and sashayed along the bar a few steps, wiggling her slim hips, then returned with an exaggerated en pointe of one high-top sneaker, which was actually designed to look like a red Uno playing card.

     “How come they don’t match?” Couldn’t be too difficult to find checkerboard-patterned shoes.

     “The shoes that go with this outfit are worn out. I haven’t had time to make another pair.”

     “Really? You don’t buy these?” Kit asked. Baking, sewing…this girl was a one-woman craft bazaar.

     Sidney smiled. “What can I say? I’m good with a glue gun and a pastry bag, so long as I don’t get them mixed up.”

     “Cool. Uh, what brings you here?” Did Sidney know this was a lesbian bar? The d├ęcor didn’t outright advertise it—no rainbow bunting or pink triangle beer coasters. Yeah, framed posters of semi-nude women hung on the walls, but Kit saw those at other places.

     “I heard this was the best place to meet women in town. Rather, close to town. We’re kind of in between Dareville and the beach, huh?”

     “Yeah. We were thinking of calling it West Vagina.”

     Sidney snorted up a sip of her drink. “You have to warn me when you make a joke like that.” She waved over the bartender for some napkins.

     She attracted many an appreciative stare from other patrons, too, leaving Kit to think of the right words to get Sidney to a more secluded place to chat.

     Luckily, though, Sidney shared her idea. “This music is so damn loud, how do you stand it?” she called out. “Wanna sit out on the patio?”

     Kit nodded, and a minute later they found two Adirondack chairs on the concrete, screened-in patio that abutted the alleyway behind the club. Kit had heard, when the building had housed an Italian restaurant, this area served as a smoking lounge for the wait staff. Nobody lit up here now due to new laws, but the folks at the Den tried their best to make the patio look pretty. Fake palms trees wrapped with white twinkle lights adorned each corner, and standing space heaters kept the area comfortable. Though no door separated them from the club interior, Kit noticed that the distance did mute the music’s volume to a low, steady boom.

     “What were you drinking? Refill’s on me,” Sidney offered, and flagged down a server making the round to others lounging on the patio.

     “You don’t have to do that, I’m good.”

     Sidney smirked away Kit’s reluctance. “Please. I’m a working woman now. I can afford it,” she said with a wink. Kit couldn’t argue with that.

     “I usually get the Key Lime Pie martini. It’s their signature drink.”

     “Ooh, that sounds good. Two, please,” Sidney told the waitress, and Kit watched the silent exchange between them that followed. Well, she counted the seconds the waitress lingered, shuffling backward with her eye on Sidney, before finally retreating to the bar to place their orders. Petite blonde with Eighties fetish proved tonight’s favorite flavor, and Sidney no doubt tempted many an appetite. Kit placed a hand on her growling stomach.

     Sidney crossed her legs and turned in her seat, squeezing her arms close to her body as though to preserve warmth. “How does a key lime drink become the specialty of the house here? Rather unusual choice.”

     “Not really. The person who owns the Den is from South Florida. She used to run a lesbian bar down there. I guess they’re a dime a dozen, so she came up here to find a captive audience. Before that she taught English at some college, so that’s where the Woolf came from.” Kit crooked her head toward a poster of Virginia Woolf’s profile on the brick wall. Several artistic renditions of the famed author decorated the establishment, in places where one didn’t find the semi-nudes.

     “I would love to have had a place like this in Wyoming to go to.”

     “Yeah?” Images of gorgeous women in tight blue jeans, bouncing in saddles as the horses they straddled galloped in some wide prairie, filled Kit’s mind. One rarely ran into country girls in town, and suddenly Kit pictured Sidney in a Stetson the color of her geektastic shoes.

     Sidney in a cowgirl hat, stripped down to a Rubik-colored thong, straddled over her hips and bucking with one hand in the air… yee-haw.

About The Author

Leigh Ellwood writes erotica and romance, particularly M/M and F/F pairings. She is a two-time finalist for the Gold Crown Literary Society Award and an EPIC Award finalist and winner.

When Leigh isn't writing, she reads. She enjoys all genres, especially historical fiction.

For more information on other books by Leigh, please visit her official website:

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{Blog Tour} {Giveaway} {Review} {Spotlight} Angel Lover (Angel Assassins #2) by Tricia Skinner

About The Book

Angel Lover by Tricia Skinner

Series: Angel Assassins, #2
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication Date: 6/30/15
Genres: Paranormal  

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The Nephilim are bound. Their powers cursed. But half-angel Kasdeja will do anything to free them from Heaven's tyranny. When Kas is approached by a striking, mysterious woman, she tells him his greatest enemies hold the key to his freedom.

Mariel keeps herself shrouded in secrets, using them to hide her true self. For she is not just employed by the Renegades--enemy fallen angels—she is a double agent, working on the sly for Heaven. Her directive is to seduce the gorgeous Nephilim—despite her insecurity about such sensual acts.

For Mariel is playing a dangerous game, and falling for Kas could only cause trouble; her assignment isn't just seduction. It's destruction.


I have adored the Bound Ones since Tricia Skinner first released, Angel Bait – Jarrid remains this readers favorite Nephilim. I was very excited about the opportunity to review an early copy of Kasdeja’s story; in preparation I reread the previous installments. 

I appreciated the depth the author gave both of the main characters, Kas and Mariel. Kas has heaps of attractive traits…plus he is a techno-geek (Yummy). Mariel is an independent, strong-willed, determined heroine. As individuals they are each spectacular, but as a couple the two just did not mesh well. 

This story is full of action; the battle has many dynamic opponents including the Directorate, Nephilim, and Renegades. The fight scenes are vividly described within the dialogue. 

This installment reveals pivotal pieces of the Angel Assassins storyline…which makes this a must read.

Review Copy Provided By: Tour Host

Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

About The Author

Tricia Skinner is an author of passionate dark fantasy. She is a features writer for Fresh Fiction and a project manager for Short Fuse. She began her writing career as a business reporter and wrote for The Detroit News, Investor’s Business Daily, MSN, and The Houston Chronicle.

Raised in Detroit, Tricia graduated with a BA degree from the nationally acclaimed Journalism Institute for Media Diversity at Wayne State University. She earned a Masters of Liberal Studies – Creative Writing degree from Southern Methodist University and will obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2017.

Diversity in genre fiction is dear to Tricia’s heart. She is represented by Laurie McLean, co-founder of Fuse Literary Agency.

When not writing, Tricia can be found reading, lifting weights, or geeking out over games, movies, and music. She has a Tom Hiddleston obsession, and she is Team Vader. Her family includes three Great Danes (so far).

Author Website:

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{Blitz} {Giveaway} Hard to Let Go (Hard Ink, #4) by Laura Kaye

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We are so excited to bring you the Release Week Blitz for Laura Kaye's HARD TO LET GO! HARD TO LET GO is the 4th novel in Laura's Hard Ink Series, published by Avon Romance. Grab your copy of this sexy, suspenseful book today!!

  Hard to Let Go - cover

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Beckett Murda hates to dwell on the past. But his investigation into the ambush that killed half his Special Forces team and ended his Army career gives him little choice. Just when his team learns how powerful their enemies are, hard-ass Beckett encounters his biggest complication yet—a seductive, feisty Katherine Rixey.
A tough, stubborn prosecutor, Kat visits her brothers’ Hard Ink Tattoo shop following a bad break-up—and finds herself staring down the barrel of a stranger’s gun. Beckett is hard-bodied and sexy as hell, but he’s also the most infuriating man ever. Worse, Kat’s brothers are at war with the criminals her office is investigating. When Kat joins the fight, she lands straight in Beckett’s sights . . . and in his arms. Not to mention their enemies’ crosshairs.

Now Beckett and Kat must set aside their differences to work together, because the only thing sweeter than justice is finding love and never letting go.
HTLG Available Now


Taking a deep breath, Beckett knocked on the door.

No answer.

He turned the knob, and the door opened.

“Go away,” came a strained voice.

Beckett poked his head through the opening. Kat sat in a ball in the corner, her legs pulled up to her chest, her arms hugging herself tight.

“Aw, Jesus, Beckett. Really?” Her face was splotchy and her eyes watery, though he didn’t see any tears.

Ten-to-one she was going through some adrenaline letdown right now, too. Which no doubt made it all worse. That shit could fuck you up even when you were used to how it left you feeling drained and shaky, by how all the stress you’d suppressed during the height of the crisis boomeranged twice over after the fact.

He came into the room, closed the door, and turned the lock for good measure. And then he crossed to Kat, scooped his arms under her knees and behind her back and lifted her up against him.

She smacked his chest. “Put me down.”

“No.” He moved to the edge of the bed.

“I don’t need this right now, Beckett. Put me down.”

“Yes, you do,” he said, sitting on the edge of the mattress. He pulled her face in against his throat and smoothed her hair back from her cheek. She trembled against him, just the littlest bit, her skin hot to the touch. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and hugged her tighter. “You did good, kid.”

Every one of her muscles went tight. Her hand fisted in his shirt. And her breath caught as she buried her face against his neck and shoulder.

Then Kat burst out crying.

And it was like being torn apart and put back together, all at once. He hated her pain, but he adored that she wasn’t hiding herself from him, and that she was letting him be there for her.

He didn’t shush her, or try to talk her down, or encourage her to dry her eyes. To be sure, her tears were like daggers in his heart—they hurt like fucking hell. But the only way she was going to feel better was to let this shit out. Ironic realization for him—he did actually see that. But just because you could see what was good for others didn’t mean you had the first goddamned idea how to apply those principles in your own life. And that was a problem for another time anyway.

What mattered right now was Kat. What mattered … was Kat.



Hard as It gets


Hard as You Can


Hard To Hold On To


Hard To Come By Cover


Hard to Be Good - Cover


About The Author

Author PhotoLaura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.           

Website | Facebook |Twitter | Newsletter SignUp

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{Giveaway} {Review} Kiss Me (Fool's Gold #17) by Susan Mallery

About The Book

Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

Series: Fool's Gold, #17
Publisher: HQN Books
Publication Date: June 30, 2015
Genres: Contemporary


New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery creates the small-town destination for romance in charming Fool's Gold, California—where a loner cowboy finds the one woman who can capture his heart

After Phoebe Kitzke's kind heart gets her suspended from her job in LA, she swears off doing favors—until her best friend begs for help on the family ranch in Fool's Gold. Unfortunately, sexy cowboy Zane Nicholson isn't exactly thrilled by the city girl's arrival.

Thanks to his brother's latest scheme, Zane has been roped into taking tourists on a cattle drive. What Phoebe knows about ranching wouldn't fill his hat, but her laughter is so captivating that even his animals fall for her. One slip of his legendary control leads to a passionate kiss, but she's exactly the kind of woman a single-minded loner needs to avoid. 

In his arms, Phoebe discovers she's a country girl at heart. Yet no matter how much the small town feels like home, she can't stay unless Zane loves her, too…but is this cowboy interested in forever?


The first kiss between the sinfully-sexy Zane Nicholson, a fifth generation rancher, and Phoebe Kitzke was a spectacular fumbling mess…that charmed this reader. I love Phoebe's personality – and her quirky conversations with random animals.

Recommended to all contemporary romance readers; does not matter if you have previously read Susan Mallery...this is the perfect installment to join the Fool's Gold crowd. The author only briefly mentions a few of the local residents including Mayor Marsha and Priscilla. 

Readers are also introduced to Maya Farlow the heroine for the next installment, Thrill Me. FYI, the storyline of this novel inspired me to watch City Slickers...I just love that movie.

Review Copy Provided By: Author

This book was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


Comment on this post for a chance to WIN --- Winner Drawn 7/11/15

A paperback copy of Kiss Me by Susan Mallery.

Tell me whether you have read author Susan Mallery before 

     ...and if so which is your favorite! 

Who's Who In Fools Gold, California - Here

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{Blog Tour} {Giveaway} {Guest Post} {Spotlight} Royals (The Anathergians Trilogy, #3) by Michelle C Reilly

About The Book

Royals by Michelle C Reilly

Series: The Anathergians Trilogy
Publication Date: June 29, 2015
Cover Artist: Michelle C Reilly
Genres: SciFi/Paranormal Romance


The highly anticipated last book in the Anathergians Trilogy is here at long last!

Together They Can Prevent the Destruction of the World

The King

Variants, humans whose altered DNA turn them into blood ravaging killers, are attacking en masse around the world. Their leader, Travik, is gathering a force from space to kill every last human.

Auden, king of the Anathergians, has the fate of the world in his hands. His hold is slipping as the threats multiply each day.

Then there’s Auden’s Lifemate, Leah, whom he loves above all others. He struggles to do what he can to ensure her safety while also protecting her from herself.

The Queen

J'ashidah, the Anathergian gathering, is upon them. There Leah will be introduced to thousands of her people and crowned as the Anathergian queen.

But Leah wants nothing more than to use her newfound Anathergian strength, along with her witch powers, to remove the threat of the Variants and their leader. It doesn’t matter that the villain is her father. She’s had enough of his continual harassment and attacks, especially to those she loves. She will do whatever it takes, including lies and deception, to end this threat.

The Royal

Travik, one of the last living Anathergian royals, wants to take Auden’s place with his daughter at his side. He will destroy everything, including every precious life on this world, to get what he wants, no matter the cost. First, however, he must convince Leah to agree with his way of thinking. And if she doesn’t… Well, he has no problem hurting, maiming, or killing those she cares for.

Guest Post

Development of a Trilogy

Developing a trilogy was a challenge. I think any series is a challenge, but ensuring to close up the story in three books makes it even more difficult. Look at Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. It’s a four book series, but was originally meant to be a trilogy. He couldn’t do it. There was just too much story.

I think what helped me was the fact that I’m a plotter. Many writers are pantsers; they write by the pants of their seat. I am not. I plot out a story (even if it’s just bullets) and start from the beginning and go to the end. There are authors who write different portions of their books and not necessarily in order. That would confuse the heck out of me! Maybe it’s because I’m a little OCD. Okay, okay, maybe a lot OCD.

I plotted VARIANTS, the first book of the Anathergians Trilogy, many years ago. I always knew what was going to happen, just not the intricate details, nor the names of my characters. Chapter ten (where Leah—the heroine—transitions into becoming immortal) came to me first. That chapter meshed itself into my brain for probably a year before the rest of the story came about.

The second book, WITCHES, was difficult. It was definitely a bridge between the two books. And I had to write it so it wouldn’t give away too much about what would happen in the third book. It starts with a lot of heartache for Auden, the Anathergian king. It was in this story where I wanted my hero and my heroine to completely fall for each other.

ROYALS, the final book in the Anathergians trilogy, was the most difficult of the three. Leah decided she wanted control. And she’s stubborn as a mule. I let her have it…for a while. This may surprise many writers. It was a struggle for me, for sure. She wanted things to go a certain way and these things were most definitely not part of the plot. At first, I wasn’t going to let her. I fought an internal battle with her for almost a week. Then I decided, well, why not? I mean, it is her story. I’m just the narrator. So, I let her have her way, knowing that in the end I’d get my way (or we’d compromise). Eventually, when the story was complete, we both got our way. And it turned out to be pretty friggen’ fantastic!

About The Author

Michelle C. Reilly is a science fiction romance writer. She's a single mom of two wonderful boys. She spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman Preventive Medicine Technician, which meant she was actually attached to or stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps. She has a Masters in Science in Public Health, but she is generally an IT geek and a geek of many other things as well. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her two cats, Meowdy and Moose, and her dog, Katie aka "The Old Lady."

Make sure to visit her website for more information about her and her upcoming books.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

{Blog Tour} {Excerpt} {Giveaway} {Spotlight} Can’t Stay Away ~ Out For You ~ by Lexxie Couper

About The Book

Can’t Stay Away by Lexxie Couper

Series: Out For You
Publisher: OmniLit / ARe Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Genres: Contemporary

Available at ARe


He’d walk through fire for the doctor who once broke his heart.

Six months after having his heart broken, Australian firefighter Flynn Boomer is ready to live again. As part of a firefighter exchange program, he finds himself in New York. The last person he expects to see on his first day with Ladder Co. 42 is the man whom Flynn came out for: Dr. David Ennis—who left him without a word after their first public kiss.

Flynn makes David feel more alive, more real than he’s ever felt before. But can David deal with the rest of the world knowing? Determined to deny Flynn’s existence, David fights his own feelings. But no matter how terrified he is at the thought of his secret being discovered, he can’t stay away from the Australian.

Flynn can no more deny David than he can deny breath, but the thought of living a lie with him tears him apart. Love is powerful, but will it be enough?


     “Welcome to New York.” Warm, calloused fingers engulfed Flynn’s freezing hand, followed by an enthusiastic pumping. “I’m Chief Tanner May. Sorry the weather’s not treating you well.”

     “G’day, Chief.” Flynn returned his grin, even as what felt like a million shards of ice lashed at his face and hair. “No worries on the weather, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of the beach back home right now.”

     “Ah, that’s right.” Tanner laughed, seemingly oblivious to the crypt-like air and wind assaulting them. But then, Flynn thought, a New Yorker wouldn’t be fazed by such weather. In the same way Flynn wouldn’t think twice about heading outside back home on a day even Satan would consider too hot. “It’s summer in Australia, isn’t it.”

     “It is, sir.” Flynn suppressed a shiver. Well, tried to. He failed.

     Tanner laughed again. “I saw that. C’mon, let’s get you inside so you can meet the rest of Ladder Co. 42. And no calling me sir, got it? It’s Tanner or Chief.”

     Flynn grinned, falling into stride beside the massive man. “Got it, Chief. Is it always this cold?”

     Tanner cocked him an eyebrow, a jovial smirk dancing beneath his moustache. “You’ve arrived just in time for a history-making cold snap, Boomer.”

     Flynn’s laughed. “That’d be right.”

     Tanner chuckled. “Think my boy got the better end of this here exchange program. You get to freeze your ass off while he gets to soak up the summer on the beach. Y’know, I don’t think Bromwich’s ever seen a beach. We may not get him back.” He slapped a hand on Flynn’s shoulder. “What are your thoughts on staying permanently?”

     Before Flynn could answer, they crossed the threshold of the door leading into the stationhouse and the cold vanished. Replaced by a heat that had nothing to do with the windows and walls keeping the New York winter at bay, and everything to do with the man currently taking the blood pressure of a firefighter almost the same size as Tanner.

     Flynn’s mouth went dry.

     His chest constricted.

     His gut clenched. So did his jaw.

     His balls—a few heartbeats ago shriveled to the size of walnuts thanks to the icy wind—throbbed with a memory Flynn had worked fucking hard to erase.

     Jesus, what the fuck was David Ennis doing here?

     “Guys.” Tanner’s booming voice echoed around the stationhouse like a canon, making Flynn jump. “This is the Aussie taking Bromwich’s place. Here to teach us how they do things Down Under while our boy shows them how it’s really done.” He laughed, the sound far from mean.

     Flynn took in all the hellos and welcoming nods from the men who were about to become his colleagues for the next twelve weeks, men whose lives were in his hands as much as his life was in theirs.

     Took them all in, tried to memorize the names thrown at him with casual ease by Tanner. Tried to appear like they were the sole focus of his attention.

     He could only hope he was better at the illusion than he’d been at suppressing his earlier shiver out on the footpath.

     Because what he was really doing was fighting the need to stride over to the man with the honey-auburn hair, blue eyes and impossibly square jaw and kiss him senseless.

About The Author

Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn't stopped since. She's not a deviant, but she does have a deviant's imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get erotic romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire. Sometimes all at once. 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

{Blog Tour} {Excerpt} {Giveaway} {Review} {Spotlight} Master Takes A Name ~ Out For You ~ by Sean Michael

About The Book

Master Takes A Name by Sean Michael

Series: Out For You
Publisher: OmniLit / ARe Books
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill
Genres: Contemporary

Available at ARe


Before he can embrace his future, he must accept himself.

Kael is happy with his life. A consummate sub, he’s out, proud, and surrounded by good friends. Then he hears about Master L, a new Dom who has all the twinks aflutter. Kael’s curious, but not unduly so, until he and the stud do a scene. Then he understands the commotion. But since Master L only ever tops a sub once, when it’s over Kael is determined to forget him, even if he has to go on holiday to do it.

Liam is deep in the closet, but the Dom known as Master L also has needs. So far, he’s kept his identity a secret by never choosing the same boy twice, and frequently changing venues. After his scene with Kael, Liam finds himself fixating on the sub and willing to break his one-time only rule. But will it lead to heartache or happiness?


I enjoyed the characteristic relationship between the closeted Dom, Master L, and the very open submissive Kael. Some of the terminology was unfamiliar; mostly because I rarely read BDSM. However, something about the blurb intrigued this reader…and I like to explore with new authors. The characters were fantastic, but I felt the romance deserved more dedication. I wanted more time with them…I have plans to pursue his backlist – see what other good reads I can discover.

Review Copy Provided By: Tour Host

This book was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


     “You want some water, honey?” his best friend asked, coming to lean against the bench Kael had been bent over.

     “Thanks, Ben.” Kael stretched, showing himself off to his best advantage under the lights. “I love the stage you guys built. So cute.”

     “We try. I know we're an underground group, but we try to make it nice.” Ben offered him the sealed bottle of water. “You looking for something more tonight?”

     “Sure. I mean, I don’t want to offend... uh...”

     Ben brought their hands together. “The newby?”


     “Don’t worry about it. He’s riding a high from topping you. And he’s going to be snapped up by the twinks here tonight. He’s just what they’re looking for.”

     “Rock on.” Kael leaned against his best friend for a second. “So, is the new guy here? He’s got everyone’s panties in a knot.”

     “You mean Master L? I don’t think he’s new. He only comes in once every month or so. Well, he used to. He’s been here more often lately.” Ben chuckled. “He’s gone through quite a few boys. Doesn’t do repeats, from what I can see. He is a dream, though.”

     “Yeah? Roger let you play with him?” Kael knew the answer to that. Roger didn’t share. Ben was his and happy for it. It was fun to tease, though.

     “I never even asked!” Ben rolled his eyes. “Man, I fell for that one, didn’t I? You want me to find out if Master L is here tonight?”

     “You totally did. It’s cool. I’ll wander. If I’m supposed to find him, he’ll find me, right?”

     “God, you’re so Zen, it’s disgusting.” Ben laughed and rubbed noses with him. “You’ll know him when you see him. His eyes are like lasers.”

     “Oooh. Sexy!” He smooched Ben playfully. “Breakfast tomorrow, yes? Before the rally?”

“Master Roger and I will be there.” Ben squeezed his hand and headed off, no doubt to make sure the next couple on the little stage had everything they needed. Ben was so handy.

     Kael wandered from the stage area to the rooms in the back, checking out who was there. He wasn’t really looking for Master L. At least that’s what he told himself. He was just looking for a good time.

     Something in him tightened when he caught sight of a big man in the corner. The guy had a commanding presence, for all you could only half see him in the dark. Yummy. He’d take six.

     Kael headed slowly that way, threading through the crowd. When crystal blue eyes found him, he almost stopped, feeling pinned in place. Mmm. The new-to-him Dom.

     He let himself ease over, stand close enough to see. This guy was a stunner, tall and boasting some great muscles. He had short blond hair that was styled into a pseudo mohawk that was all the rage right now. And those eyes were indeed blue, the Dom staring at him.

     “Good evening, Sir.” Kael offered a smile.

About The Author

Sean Michael, often referred to as "Space Cowboy" and "Gangsta of Love" while still striving for the moniker of "Maurice," spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs. While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours between dropping the f-bomb and pursuing the Kama Sutra by channeling the long lost spirit of John Wayne and singing along with the soundtrack to "Chicago."

A long-time writer of complicated haiku, currently Sean is attempting to learn the advanced arts of plate spinning and soap carving sex toys.

Barring any of that? He'll stick with writing his stories, thanks, and rubbing pretty bodies together to see if they spark.

For more information on other books by Sean, visit his official website: 

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2 eBooks from ARe Books imprints (Out For You, Bad Boys, Perfect Strangers, Alpha), reader’s choice