Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review of Fragile (Rafferty, #1) by Shiloh Walker

I love to read different authors and genres.

Devon Manning, the heroine, has a lot of issues - stemming from her childhood. Her character is very well developed and I found myself really hoping she could overcome her issues - so that she could get her HEA. Luke Rafferty, the hero, is your typical overbearing, alpha male except he understands that Devon can't handle that side of him. He is an ex-special forces soldier turned doctor - and his soft spot for the red-headed social worker turns his world upside down. The story took off running from the introduction until the conclusion. The plots in the story are pretty typical girl meets boy, girls got issues, boy wants to fix those issues - but Ms. Walker really puts an extreme effort into making sure that the reader is surprised and maintains interest thought out the story. As soon as I finished this book I jumped in my car & drove to the bookstore to pick up the second book, Broken (Berkley Sensation), unfortunately they had to order it for me.

This book is a great example of Shiloh Walkers writing - 

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