Friday, July 20, 2012

Review of The Theory of Attraction By Delphine Dryden

Thanks to the publisher, Carina Press, and NetGalley for the chance to read this early!

This is the first book by this author I have read but, based on her writing style and the great characters she created for this short story – I am hooked.  

Brilliant, but socially inept, rocket scientist Dr. Ivan Reynolds works at the local university.  He becomes very anxious after discovering that he is required to attend a fundraiser and talk potential donors into funding his research at the university.  So he approaches his neighbor Camilla Novak to tutor him in social anthropology.  However, his empirical, literal view of the world causes friction with Camilla’s emotive, instinctive attitude creating a tension between them.  (Imagine Brennan or Zack from Bones; or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory ~ brilliant but socially awkward.)

Camilla is the only single female in a townhouse complex populated almost entirely by astrophysicists and computer scientists.  She realizes that she is attracted to her reclusive geeky neighbor Ivan.  He however doesn’t even seem to realize she is a female; let alone interested.  Until he propositions her…NO…not that kind of proposition…he wants her to socialize him.  He wants her to unitize her social anthropology degree to teach him how to socially interact with other professionals and potential donors.

Ivan’s proposition to Camilla.

“I need you to help socialize me.”
“To help socialize me. Make me more…social. I need you to show me how to do that.”

Ivan is not only the student but Professor. Apparently, Ivan aka Professor has some secrets that Camilla has observed; and she thought she knew everything there was to know about him. Ivan complete focus on a task is something that Camilla will never again complain about.

The author infuses passionate lovemaking with raw, dirty mating that is so HOT, you’ll require frequent deep breaths.  This will be a repeat read for me.

I have no knowledge whatsoever with regard to the BDSM lifestyle; other than what I have read in past books.  Despite the heavy BDSM theme (which I typically avoid), I rather enjoyed this book--.

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