Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review of Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood

Thanks to the publisher, Penguin Group (USA), and NetGalley for the chance to read Sweet Talk early!

Sweet Talk introduces you to the “Pips” – short for pipsqueaks; 4 young girls brought together by disease and the doctor, Dr. Andre Pardieu, determined to cure them.  
Jane Weston, the artistic one, from New York;
Samantha Pearson, the adventurous one, from Alaska;
Collins Davenport, the sensitive one, from Louisiana; and
Olivia MacKenzie, the youngest and leader, from California.

Hopefully, there are future installments for Jane, Sam, and Collins.  But Sweet Talk is the story of Olivia.

Wow…Olivia has got problems; twelve years have passed since she went into remission – so it not the disease trying to kill her…the question is who – a member of her very dysfunctional family, the arrogant-ass she punched during her interview (Eric Jorguson), Eric’s bodyguard (Martin), one the FBI agents of the sting operation she ruined, or one of the people she investigated for her job at the IRS.

“…I look at the list and I ask myself, who doesn’t want to kill her?”
Ronan to his partner Grayson

Grayson Kincaid was a wonderfully well rounded hero. I loved him right away. Grayson is not an over the top alpha hunky male and instead he is a confident realistic man who works for the FBI.  Even with all that is going on in his personal life he is 100% committed to ensuring Olivia’s safety.

For the majority of the story, the reader is treated to a bit of a mystery trying to figure out who is out to kill Olivia and then a suspenseful buildup of the other subplots draws to climax. Olivia and Grayson’s feelings escalate quickly and they become a well-developed couple.  The banter between these is awesome ~ one of my favorite quotes ~
“Grayson,” she groaned. “Gloat Later.”

Mercy, by Julie Garwood, was the first adult contemporary romance I read; it was a Christmas gift.  I was instantly hooked on the series and lucky for me she had already published other installments.  My friends and I started a tradition the year I received Mercy (2006); each Christmas instead of Christmas cards we exchange books.  Julie Garwood given me great romance book over the last 5 years she has given me a tradition that I am now passing on to others.  If you are interested in knowing more about our tradition please leave a comment, include your email -- I will email you.

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