Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review When Lightning Strikes (Whiskey Creek Trilogy, #1) by Brenda Novak

Thanks to the publisher, Harlequin, and NetGalley for the chance to read When Lightning Strikes early!

I loved Brenda Novak’s Stillwater Trilogy and Last Chance series – so when I discovered she was releasing a new series I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a read – You should start with the novella, When We Touch – it introduces you to Whiskey Creek.

Did PR firm owner Gail DeMarco make the right decision to stop representing Simon O’Neal?  She thought so but now that he is destroying her business she not so sure of herself.  If she doesn’t undo some of the damage that Simon has done by taking her clients with him to his new PR firm she is going to lose her company, her employees are going to find themselves without jobs, and she can’t let that happen – so she makes a do or die decision; swallow her pride and apologize. 

Even since the news of his divorce Simon has been self-destructing.  He is a borderline alcoholic; but that not even his biggest problem ~his ex-wife has sole custody of his son Ty…he isn’t even allowed visitation.  The tabloids love the fact that the hottest man in Hollywood is also a complete disaster.  Even though, Simon knows that he need to get his life together to regain a spot in Ty’s life.  He just can’t manage to stop his self-loathing-womanizing-drunken escapades from destroying his last chance at getting a judge to overlook his past and allow him partial custody.  The last thing Simon needs is his ex-PR agent, Gail, to cause yet other spectacle by busting into tears in front of everyone.  So they make a deal, he will do his best to restore her clients – if only she will stop making a scene.  And everything seems back on track – until Gail assistant decides to take revenge against Simon without her knowledge.  Now what?

This book is AWESOME.  Brenda Novak knows how to get to the heart of the matter on every occasion.  The story, characters, everything is prefect…I wouldn't suggest any changes – well maybe one this cannot be just a Trilogy because I need more than 3 visits to Whiskey Creek.  Also I want to return at least a dozen times to see all of the great characters of Whiskey to get their HEA.

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