Friday, September 7, 2012

Chilled (Bone Secrets #2) by Kendra Elliot

This is the second installment in Kendra Elliot's debut series, Bone Secrets. If you read the first installment, Hidden, then you have already met Alex Kinton, the hero of this book. If you haven't read Hidden you should - it is excellent. However, no worries if you haven't read Hidden this installment is stand-alone...Alex only played a very minor part - nothing that would alter your experience.

With all that said...this is my favorite book of 2012 - this author has created something extremely special. The characters are very well written; you gain a sense of the depth of each individual. Brynn Nealey is the only female member of the SAR team sent out into the wilderness in search of plane crash; aboard is a serial killer with nothing to lose. The author did a great job of creating a strong female lead with Brynn; even though the entire team is extremely protective she remains stubbornly independent - determined to forge her own path. Alex is your typical tormented-alpha male but, the author has given his character some extra spice. After he manipulates his way onto the SAR team he finds that his focus is challenged by the sexy-nurse. This book is categorized as Romantic Suspense/ Thriller; it leans more toward the suspense/thriller side - the romance is in the get a great sense of the pull between the characters without being overwhelmed by it.

Received this ARC from Amazon Vine.

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