Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dark Knight (Delgado's Dirty Dozen, #4) By Donna Kauffman

Thanks to the publisher, Random House Publishing Group, and NetGalley for the chance to read this!

This review contains a small spoiler for #1 book.

This is the fourth book in the romantic suspense Delgado's Dirty Dozen series by Donna Kauffman: Dark Knight is a re-issue of a Loveswept Classic Romance #882 originally published in 4/98. Delgado's Dirty Dozen #4 (Scottie Giardi's story). It is a stand-alone story but you will enjoy the others books in the series.

Scottie Giardi took over when Seve Delgado went into witness protection, during Santerra's Sin. Now as head of the secret government task force known as the Dirty Dozen she rarely works in the field. However, on Christmas Eve she receives a very mysterious phone call from Seve warning her one of her operatives, Lucas Blackstone, is in danger. Apparently, the danger comes in the form of an identical twin brother, Logan Blackstone. Scottie's mission is to contain Logan, by any means necessary,...until Lucas completes his mission.

Logan's father deathbed confession revealed that he had a identical twin brother. Now Logan will stop at nothing to reunite with his brother. As a second-generation cop he has the knowledge and resources to track down Lucas; he succeeded in tracking him down - only to discover his brother is a member of cult, the Brethren.

I loved the cabin scenes, they are well written and pull you into the action. The battle between them is the prefect foreplay - it is the prefect background for their developing romance. This was a good conclusion to the series; even though there were additional character stories she could've written. Who that these have been re-issued...maybe we will see future installments.

Other Installments:
#1 (Diego Santerra's story) - Santerra's Sin
#2 (John McShane's story) - Silent Warrior
#3 (T. J. Delahaye's story) - Light My Fire

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