Friday, September 14, 2012

Santerra's Sin (Delgado’s Dirty Dozen, #1) By Donna Kauffman

Thanks to the publisher, Random House Publishing Group, and NetGalley for the chance to read this!

This is the first book in the romantic suspense Delgado’s Dirty Dozen series by Donna Kauffman:  
Santerra's Sin is a re-issue of a Loveswept Classic Romance #811 originally published 10/96.  Delgado’s Dirty Dozen #1 (Diego Santerra’s story)

Other Installments:
#2 (John McShane’s story) - Silent Warrior
#3 (T. J. Delahaye’s story) - Light My Fire
#4 (Scottie Giardi’s story) - Dark Knight 

Blue Delgado was raised by her Aunt Alethea and Uncle Tejo Delgado after her parents died.  Blue relocated back to Villa Roja, New Mexico to open a bar/restaurant after divorcing her husband, Anthony.  She has removed all complications from her life…even thing is running smooth until her cook, Leroy, decides to take a job in Florida and she is forced to hire a new cook.  

Her new cook…

Diego Santerra is a member of Seve “Del” Delgado’s elite tactical squad aka Delgado’s Dirty Dozen.  Seve Delgado is scheduled to testify against Hermes Jacounda in a couple weeks then is going into a fancy version of witness protection – never to be heard from again.  Seve assigns Diego to protect his daughter, Blue Delgado, so she can’t be used against him.  Of course Blue doesn’t know any of this and Diego continues to deceive her even after she is warned her life is in danger.  

Once in a great while, a book comes along in the stream of tired, overworked romance series that blows away all hint of category:  This is such a book.  A bar owner, who supersedes the stereotype, falls in love with a Killer who is both more and less than he seems. There is nothing superficial about this book.  The story is told with a tenderness and honesty that made this jaded reader squirm uncomfortably, laugh, and cry.  If you can find a copy of this book, get it.

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