Monday, September 10, 2012

All He Ever Needed (Kowalski Family #4) by Shannon Stacey

Series: The Kowalski Family #4
Author: Shannon Stacey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Carina Press
Published: September 10, 2012


Thanks to the publisher, Carina Press, and NetGalley or the chance to read this early!

Ms. Stacey has a hit on her hands with this captivating series. Every book seems better than the last; except Kevin, hero from Undeniably Yours, is still my favorite Kowalski – so far at least.  This installment is intensely satisfying. I enjoyed the gut-wrenchingly emotional turmoil just as much as the humorous banter -- it won't soon be forgotten.  If you enjoy small town contemporary romances then this series is a must read.

All He Ever Needed is the fourth in this series and features Mitch Kowalski.  Mitch loves his nomadic lifestyle, living of out of suitcase, traveling from jobsite-to-jobsite and town-to-town without attachments.  He returns home to help his injured brother, Josh, with the family lodge while in between jobs.  He regrets that his reputation in Whitford is still based on transgressions committed during his younger days; being known as a ladies’ man, charmer, and troublemaker might have been great when he was a teenager but, now he is a respectable business owner.  The moment Mitch entered the cafĂ© he discovers he’s instantly intrigued by the waitress.  He decides a six-week fling is just what he needs to make this brief trip home tolerable. It’s a good thing he loves a challenge…because Paige Sullivan isn’t interesting in dating.  

Donna, Paige’s mother, moved them around never staying in one place very long. Paige is determined to not end up like her mother; chasing one man after another, suppressing her own needs to fit the man of the moment.  So Paige lives by the motto that “Men are a luxury, not a necessity.”  Paige nomadic lifestyle came to a dramatic halt the day her car broke down in Whitford.  Now, two-years-later, the very independent Paige has deep-roots in the community; as the proud owner of the Trailside Diner she has a home – she is set in her ways...never even been tempted to compromise.  However, when Mitch blows into her diner and suggest they hookup, no string attached, while he’s in town she thinks it a great way to work off some tension.  

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