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Guest Post + Review + Giveaway: Soul Dreams by Desiree Holt

Title: Soul Dreams
Author: Desiree Holt
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Published Date: December 19, 2012
Cover Art By: Scott Carpenter
Books and More owner, Nina Foster doesn’t believe in love anymore. Twice, men have crushed her heart. Now, she’s resigned herself to making hot chocolate and baking cookies for the customers who enter her store. She won’t risk her heart again.

Blake Massie hides away from the world, nursing his scars. He sees himself as a monster that no one could ever love. A self-imposed recluse, he won’t allow himself to open up, afraid of being burned like his fire-ravaged skin.

Unable to reach out in person, the pair communicates via the Internet and hot, erotic fantasies. Night after night, they explore their growing passion with only a blindfold to protect their secrets. As Christmas approaches, Blake must share his pain if he is to ease hers, but doing so could drive her away forever. Can they take a chance and follow their deepest soul dreams, or will their fragile hearts continue to hide from the world and one another?
Soul Dreams is an exotic journey about two strangers destined to rediscover romance. I was caught completely unaware by the unique way the author allowed this story to unfold. The intimate relationship that develops between Blake and Nina is a mixture of pleasant and exciting feelings, such as anticipation, adventure, amorousness and compassion. Their history with past relationships has made each reluctant to risk their heart again. Both have suffered enough emotional anguish; not to mention Blake’s physical reminders. 

Although this book is 100% character centric, I still felt that nothing was neglected – you may be asking how that is possible…well – this story provides both emotional as well as intellectual rewards that simply don’t require anything more than the main characters HEA.

Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge by Decadent Publishing for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

Soul Dreams – a dream from my soul

by Desiree Holt

     As a child I loved fairy tales. Not Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which often were just that—grim. No, I feasted on Anderson’s Fairy tales because they had what I craved even at an early age—a happy ending. So when I was searching for an idea for a Christmas story I flipped through the book of fairy tales to see what jumped out at me, and there was one of my all-time favorites—Beauty and the Beast. 
     A few years ago I’d had the idea to write a story based on that but it just didn’t seem to work. It involved a reclusive author, a pregnant copy editor and, well, a lot of other “stuff” that just didn’t come together right. I couldn’t come up with an appropriate disfigurement for the beast and my heroine turned out to be cranky and immature. (A book we would all rush to read, right?)
     But now I had gratefully been included in Decadent’s Western Escapes series, built around the fictional town of Freewill, Wyoming. My first story, Dark Secrets, dealt with the new sheriff and a woman in jeopardy. Of course, it all ended happily. This is a Desiree Holt story, right?
     People asked me about a secondary character, Nina Foster, the owner of the bookstore, so when I was searching for ideas for this new story she immediately popped into my mind. What, I asked myself if Nina was a woman broken in heart and spirit for whom Christmas held nothing but painful meanings? And what I asked again, if a man came into her life broken in body and spirit? So here was Beauty and the Beast, brought together over the Internet by her bookstore and the ability to communicate via Instant Messaging. Could they each move past the barriers they’d set up and reach out for love?
     Only if something very special helped them. Like dreams. The story is set in rugged Western terrain where many Indian tribes have a lasting legacy, among them the Abenaki legend that you will meet your soul mate in a dream.
     So there I was: Nina, destroyed by love, and Blake, destroyed by fire, trapped in the tiny world’s they’d built for themselves. But somehow, across the many zones of existence, they connected in each other’s dreams. Was it enough, I wondered, for them to risk meeting in person? To test the waters, see if the emotions from the dream could be real? 
Doing so required a lot of courage from both of them and I tried to treat them as carefully as possible.
     People ask me what kind of stories I write, and I tell them, character-driven stories, because if the characters aren't real and complex and easy to connect with, the best story falls flat. So that’s how I wove Soul Dreams, building Blake and Nina bit by bit with love and care. I hope you will fall in love with them as much as I did.
     And many, many thanks to Heather Coulter for the great review.
     So Christmas may be over but it’s never out of season for Blake and Nina’s story. Come on. Walk right in.

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