Promotional Opportunities

Author and Publicists

Would you like to promote a book here on BBMoreB? 

We offer several promotional opportunities; many options available 

          ...both with or without a review. 

Standard Spotlight

This may include cover art, blurb, excerpt, book trailer, buy links, author bio, contact links and photo.
**Must include a Giveaway**

Guest Post

If you're interested in a guest blog post email your guest post idea along with your spotlight info.  The topic of guest post is up to the author. The length of guest posts be kept to a maximum of 500 words. 


If you're interested in an Interview please request our list of questions, or submit your our. We also accept character interviews.  

Unwritten Memo

Have you ever read a book and wondered what a character was thinking? Wanted a peek at from different POV?

It can be a deleted scene.
It cannot be an excerpt, prologue or epilogue.
Must not exceed 500 words.
Must be original, not yet published on another site.


Giveaways are recommended to increase the traffic to your post. 

All giveaways are handled using a Rafflecopter form created by me. Giveaways are usually kept open  for fourteen (14) days after initial post date. At the conclusion of the giveaway, the winner(s) will be selected and their contact information will be forwarded to you. 

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