Saturday, March 26, 2011

Review of Night Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters #3) by Jennifer Lyon

The author has written another great installment of the Wind Slayer Hunters.

Phoenix Torq is a Wing Slayer Hunter who is on the edge of going rogue. He, like his fellow hunters, lives each day in hope of finding his soul-mirror; the only thing that will free him from the curse. His mother started hearing voices prior to her death; he has been hearing voices for the past 2 months – now he lives in fear that he will succumb to the voices like his mother did. Ailish Donovan has her own issues. She is an earth witch, who is handfasted to the demon Asmodeus. An earth witch, bound to a demon, on the verge of losing her soul. Oh and she is blind…witch krama’s a bitch. 

This paranormal romance has everything: courage, jealousy, love, caring, happiness, sadness but most of all two damaged people struggling to make the right choices.

This series is one of my favorites; each installment is better than the last. The hero, Phoenix, is an exceptional character…the world that this author created is the setting to get my paranormal fix from. Although, the story was predictable and guessed the ending easily – it didn’t detract from the story. Even after I read the story the first time and knew exactly how it ended – the second time though was even better.

If you haven’t tried this series but, love the paranormal, you are missing out. This author created a world that I wanted to be a part of and characters that I feel in love with. I am looking forward to several more books to come…Key, Linc, but especially Eli’s!

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