Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review of A Town Called Valentine: A Valentine Valley Novel (Valentine Valley Novels)  By Emma Cane

Received this ARC from Amazon Vine.

Welcome to the Colorado Mountains.

This debut novel is hopefully the beginning to many additional installments.

Emily Murphy came to Valentine, Colorado to escape her past.  Emily is recently divorced and hoping to quickly sale the building she inherited from her mother – she is going to use to the proceeds from the sale to fund her college tuition.  However, she runs into problems at every turn; she has a meet and greet, make that meet-and-grope, session with a  stranger in a bar, then discovers the building is a dump – with no money and no place to stay – she accepts an invitation to stay at the WIDOW’S BOARDINGHOUSE.

Nate Thalberg, local cowboy, feels an immediate attraction to Emily.  Seeing her distress, Nate feels an almost compelling need to take care of her. For Nate, that is something that happens to him often – but it is the one thing that he can’t seem to control.  When Emily discovers her building in major disrepair, he knows that she will need his help – even if she is reluctant to accept it.  Before long, Nate finds himself unable to maintain the distance they agreed too – he wants to claim Emily for his own.

This is an emotion packed book that will make you laugh and make you cry. Emily’s plight comes right off the pages and you can't help but love her. Her confusion over her feelings for Nate tears her, and me, in two. Nate and Emily come together, two people who never expected to find what they found. Nate never thought he could have a permanent attachment to a woman, for fear of hurting them. Emily didn't think that she could ever love again after her husband betrayal.

The secondary characters enrich the story. Valentine is a town the reader can't help but love and will want to return to again and again.

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