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Review of Fury of Fire (Dragonfury, #1) By Coreene Callahan

Title: Fury of Fire
Series: Dragonfury #1
Author: Coreene Callahan
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance
Source: Amazon Vine
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Published: February 7, 2012

Received this ARC from Amazon Vine.

Welcome to Washington State. 

Coreene Callahan's debut novel is the beginning to many additional installments. 

Bastian is one of the oldest of his kind; an all male race born of human females - dragon-shifters.  As leader of the Nightfury dragon clan it is his duty to protect humankind.  With their numbers declining he needs to set an example.  With only 5 days until the Meridian’s axis realign, he has less than a week to find a mate.
“…Be the first to commit, to have a son, to lose his female in child birth.”

Myst Munroe, a nurse practitioner, just wants to check on her pregnant patient – Caroline Van Owen.  She is still recovering from her mother, Dana’s, murder.  When she arrives at Caroline’s house and discovers her lying in a pool of blood – the flashbacks begin.  Her training kicks in and she works to save both mother and her unborn child.  Soon Bastian and his first in command, Rikar, arrive dressed as EMS workers – the battle begins. 

Bastian feels an immediate attraction to Myst; her energy is unlike anything he has experienced before. Seeing her distress, he feels a compelling need to take care of her. For Bastian, that is something that has never happen before – but it is the one thing that he can’t seem to control. When Myst starts to recover from the shock she become desperate, he knows that she will need his help – even if she is reluctant to accept it. Before long, Bastian finds himself unable to maintain his control – he wants to claim Myst for his own. 

This is an emotion packed book that will make you laugh and make you cry. Myst’s plight comes right off the pages. Her confusion over her feelings for Bastian tears her.

The secondary characters enrich the story. It’s a good thing that we will get 2 more installments this year (according to Amazon):
Fury of Ice ~ Releasing 4/24/12 ~ Excerpt in back of this book
Fury of Seduction ~ Releasing 7/24/12

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