Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of Undertow By Cherry Adair

Welcome to the Caribbean.

This book has been on to-read list for about a year; Cherry Adair is one of my auto-order authors.

Teal Williams, a master marine mechanic, agreed to come to Cutter Cay to fill in for her father.  Teal is recently divorced and hoping to earn enough to start her own business.  However, she when she discovers her first assignment is aboard the Decrepit for an undetermined amount of time to savage the Dutch pirate ship, the Vrijheid, she wants no part of it.  There is no way she is going aboard a ship captained by Zane Cutter; not to mention she gets incurably seasick.

Zane ‘Ace’ Cutter, known as the Casanova of the Caribbean, is grateful to discover that he feels no attraction to Teal; she also seems immune to his charms.  Of course once on board the Decrepit he discovers there is a lot to Teal and all of it is appealing.  Before Long, Zane finds he is unable to maintain the distance she seems to want to put between them.   But his nickname, Ace, says it all; the sea and woman give him everything he wants – he wants to claim Teal for his own.

This book was a good read.  However, the main plot was muddled with so many subplots that I often felt lost.  I am not sure how the series will continue; since every possible plot twist was mixed into this installment.  Drug addicted parent, dead parents, drunken one night stand, terrorist plot, government agents, treasure hunt and so on.   I also felt that there was no passion between Teal and Zane.  The issues between them seemed to resolve themselves; no angst!

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