Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review of Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) By Toni Blake

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This recent addition to the Destiny family was disappointing.  I have been looking forward to this installment.  I was excited about the friends to lover storyline; even knowing that this is often a difficult transition. Toni Blake is a favorite author and she has pulled off almost every type of romance ~~with great success.

Good Girl; Bad Boy in One Reckless Summer
The Romeo; Juliet in Sugar Creek
The Hot Sexy Tattooed Neighbor in Whisper Falls
Second Chance love in Holly Lane

I devoured these first 4 installments quickly.

I love Amy as a secondary character in the other books but, wow ~~ her character in this book was often pathetic (as if the author wanted to feel sorry for her) I wanted to shake her and tell her there are `plenty of fish in the sea' ~~ prime example Hot Sexy Bar Owner Duke, Lucky's best friend.  Logan's character also fell short of the Hero role.  He was VERY inconsiderate of Amy's feelings.

However, the biggest issue I had with this book was the surprise guest, the woman from Logan's past, and how much of the book was about her.  She was selfish, oblivious, and inconsiderate.  She is one of those ~~Me~~Me~~Me people.

The next installment is Half Moon Hill and I hope it isn't about her.

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