Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Double Trouble Anthology by Janelle Lee, Serena Pettus, Heather Sharpe

Title: Double Trouble Anthology
Authors: Janelle Lee
               Serena Pettus
               Heather Sharpe
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Still Moments Publishing
Published: November 6, 2012
Cover Artist: Keri Neal

Pigeon Pair by Janelle Lee

Being twins Liam and Lisa Anderson are as competitive and as close as any other siblings. They share everything until they are forced to hide secrets from each other, but secrets are only secrets until someone gets caught.

Jaxson’s Angel by Serena Pettus

Jaxson is a lady's man, a real free spirit...and he's also a werewolf. His brother, Colton, is an author, keeping his head constantly stuffed with plots and characters, and can tend to be a bit boring in Jaxson's opinion. But when Colton invites his agent down for a little R&R, Jaxson is the one who greets her...and his wolf is reduced to a slobbering pup. Can Jaxson manage to win Angel's love? Will she be able to accept him as he is and become his mate, or will she deny him and leave him to slowly lose his sanity? Both will have to fight for their love, as there is another lurking in the shadows, waiting to claim Angel for himself...and exact a little revenge.

Tanna’s Twin by Heather Sharpe 

Starting over in a new town with a new career as a bartender may not be all Tanna hoped it would be. Then, after one amazing night with the man of her dreams, Tanna learns he has an identical brother. Will she ever determine which is Tanna's Twin?
This anthology contains three short stories (2 contemporaries & 1 paranormal) – a surprising mix. I enjoyed all of the short stories. That doesn't often happen, it is rare that all of stories within an anthology earn the same rating, but in this case each individual story earned 5 mugs (my highest rating)! This is definitely a worthwhile addition to your eBook collection. While I don't often purchase anthologies (simply because I’m greedy & enjoy full length stories) these are a great sampling of each authors talent. The interplay and dialogue between each group of characters is excellent. 

These stories will appeal to both contemporary and paranormal fans.

Disclosure: The publisher, Still Moments Publishing, provided this e-book to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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