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Unwritten Meme + Review + Giveaway: Mile High Menage by Monica Corwin

Title: Mile High Menage
Author: Monica Corwin
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Published Date: December 21, 2012
Cover Art By: Fiona Jayde
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The Moroccan air is just what Tanya needs when it comes to getting over partner, and former lover, Eric, but an emergency at the New York office interrupts her business trip causing Tanya to take a last minute flight back to the States.
Rone is hard edged, controlling, and intense. His boyfriend Josh is sex appeal and puppy-dog eyes. When the two men join Tanya for the best intercontinental flight she has ever had, she has to ask, Eric who?

This was a charming quick read. I loved that the heroine was unapologetic for indulging in Rone & Josh.

This short romp through the air, a snapshot forever frozen in time, was completely unexpected and flowed perfectly. I’ve read lots of erotica lately, but there is something indefinable about the seamless way the author was able to move quickly through the events from the initial attraction, to the seduction, and finally the VERY steamy sexual encounter – without feeling I was denied the romanticism.

Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge by Decadent Publishing for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

After reading Monica's book I was inspired to start a new meme (entitled Unwritten). Have you ever read a book and wondered what a character was thinking? Wanted a peek at from different POV? 

In the case of Mile High Ménage – there was a scene that I couldn't get out of my head, but the problem was it wasn't included in the story…so I sent the author an email and she agreed to provide this bonus scene.

"What did Rone say to Josh when he went to invite him to join them?"

Rone slipped into the room, silent as ghost. Josh was laid out on the bed surrounded by his various technologies: tablet, cell phone, headphones, mp3 player, and a very battered copy of the first Harry Potter novel. As he moved further into the room Josh noticed him and that smile never failed to take his breath away. His very gut told him that that smile was only for him.
Josh lifted his headphone away from his ear, some alternative mix of classic rock and opera whispered around them. 
“Did you bring me a drink?”
Rone smiled and crouched down next to the bed, his pants stretching tight across his thighs as he balanced himself against the frame.
“I got something better.”
Josh wrinkled his forehead and took off the headphones. A sexy grin played on his lips.
“What did you do?”
Rone stood and pulled Josh from the bed, slowly allowing him to acclimate to standing. Once upright he reached out and caressed his cheek. Nothing in the world would take this man away from him.
Josh leaned in for a kiss. Rone could taste the sweetness from the candy he liked on his lips, along with something that was all Josh.
“I found something to entertain us for the flight?” Rone said, releasing him.
Josh slid his hand down to the opening of Rone’s pants.
“Oh? I can think of something very entertaining to do right now.” 
“Her name’s Tanya.”
The smile that split Josh’s face was bright, like a child at Christmas. He chuckled softly and moved off to slip his feet into his shoes. Once he was finished he headed toward the door where Rone was waiting. Rone exited first and turned back to look at him. Josh placed his hand in Rone’s.
“Lead on.”

For those of you who find the boys as irresistible as I do she has another short story in a the Breathless Press Addiction Anthology that is Josh and Rone's first meeting and initial get together.

Author Bio:

Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who dreams of making romance and erotica accessible to everyone, no matter their preferences. When not writing romance, Monica spends time finishing her degree in English in addition to caring for her shiny new daughter. Monica is the creator of The Bibliophilic Book Blog and a former columnist for Night Owl Magazine.


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