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Guest Post + Giveaway: Fire in Winter by Faith Bicknell-Brown

Welcome Faith Bicknell-Brown

Let’s Melt Some Snow!

Written by Azura Ice A.K.A. F.L. Bicknell

The U.S. has been slammed by one snowstorm after another. I’m from eastern Ohio, but the deep snowfalls we endured when I was a little girl seem to be a thing of the past. As a child, I was often stuck indoors during the winter months. Sure, I went outside and built snowmen and went sled riding. My dad even built forts for me and once he created a snow horse that I could actually sit on.

We had three TV channels in the 70s and 80s—with the antenna anchored in the top of an apple tree for the best reception, lol. As you can imagine, local channels often played the same programs over and over (not unlike today’s satellite stations). Two seasonal animated programs my mom and I loved were Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen and also Jack Frost. However, after weeks of deep snow, the fun of playing outside and the boredom of watching repeat shows soon wore thin. It wasn’t long before my mother and I would turn to books as a means of escape.

But how those two programs would capture my imagination! I remember the stacks of fantasy story books I would borrow from the library. I’d pore over them dozens of times, absorbing every detail of each illustration and re-reading the stories. Later, I’d write pages and pages of my own stories about magical people and incredible beasts….

Guess what? I still write such stories. The memories I just shared with you, dear reader, is how Fire in Winter eventually came into existence—no, I have to be honest. It was those memories and the fact my older boys made a big snowman sporting a pecker and sprayed it with blue food coloring. What can I say? It gave me a good plot line! The UPS man even got a good chuckle out of the uhm…sculpture…when he stopped that day.

Anyway, there have been many movies made about Jack Frost, but aside from the kids’ movies, the others were hokey or scary. My muse decided she wanted to create something sexy and realistic in prose, so the tale slowly formed around my heroine, Naomi, who needs more than fresh batteries to cure her loneliness. {wink} And although the hero, Jack, possesses wintry magic, he creates a fire that melts more than the snow.

Fire in Winter is part of The Edge Series published by Decadent Publishing. It’s a great book for your lunch break, commute, or an office waiting room. Although the story is based on a fantasy character, I challenge you to determine if I’ve written it so thast you suspend your beliefs. I’m betting you’ll find yourself falling for Jack, too. Grab my short book and let’s melt some snow! ☺

Naomi dreams of a sexual partner who will leave her sated and tired between the sheets but with no strings attached. When she falls ill, a crystal-blue-eyed stranger saves her. His gentle commands sweep her to sexual heights with magic only a fire in winter could create, and leave her wishing for a long, frost-filled season.

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As I was shopping for giveaway prizes, I came across a rhinestone bracelet that reminded me of my hero, Jack, and his beautiful, icy gifts for Naomi. The blue rhinestones are full of iridescence when the light hits them. Also included in the giveaway are a couple of bookmarks and a signed cover art postcard for one of my backlist titles. I love to talk with my readers and potential new ones, so leave me a sincere comment or question to be entered in my giveaway! Remember to leave your email so I can contact the winner!

Author Bio:

F.L. Bicknell's work has appeared in a wide range of genres and publications such as: Would That It Were, Touch, GC, and Ohio Writer Magazine as well as publications in Canada and Turkey. Under her now-retired pseudonym, Molly Diamond, she was a regular contributor to Gent and Ruthie's Club and has had fiction published in Hustler's Busty Beauties, Penthouse Variations, and Twenty 1 Lashes. Ms. Bicknell is the author of several e-book and print titles, also writing as Azura Ice, Amber Redd, Cutter Phoenix, and Kiyara Benoiti. She has served as co-editor and managing editor for three different publishing houses. She is represented by TriadaUS Literary Agency.

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  1. This sounds really good! I love crystal blue eyes too. I've added this to my TBR list. Thanks for the great giveaway as well! lcminer at windstream dot net

  2. Morning Leslie! I think people with crystal-blue eyes are very hypnotic. Something about the color just keeps you riveted to their gaze.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm a big fan of the color blue! You're story made me giggle. It's amazing what little kids will do, especially boys. All the best!

  4. LOL, sadly Jess, these boys weren't li'l. They were mischievous teenagers so you can imagine how realistic the snowman looked!

    However, the snowman died a horrible death. The UPS man was backing the truck up one afternoon and caught sight of the blue pecker on the snowman. It startled him, and instead of hitting the brakes, he gave it the gas and backed over not only the snowman but also a bicycle, lol.

    1. LOL In university there were some frat guys who built a HUGE pair of spread open legs. Yeah, they got in a lot of trouble from the city over that one. I can totally understand why the UPS driver would get distracted. :)

    2. LOL! Isn't there a movie with Robin Williams where they put a pair of legs like that over a building's entrance?

  5. I'm not here to win anything, just comment that this is a fabulous, very unique take on Jack Frost! This icy man could thaw out any woman!

  6. Thank you for your unwavering support, Val! <3

  7. You said this was a good book for a lunch break. To me, I would need a longer break than 30 minutes. Think I will start this one after work

  8. I read books as a youngster to escape my brothers and sister who were a wild bunch, lol. I agree that reading really does build up the imagination and creativity in readers. The stories I come up with in my head sometimes are crazy!!


  9. Morning, Cindi! I'm an only child, but I have four kids and raised nine, so I can see why you'd use books to get your own private time and personal space, lol.

  10. Good afternoon, thank you for the invite to the contest! I take care of my elderly Mom; we were at the Doctor's for most of the day yesterday so I am late visiting. I look forward to reading this work! I use books to escape, to help have a different type of life so to speak for now! LOL! Seriously, books are a great stress reliever I have discovered.
    Thank you for the contest.
    bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

  11. My question is for Azura: What was your inspiration for this book? Was there any certain experience in your life or person in your life that you can point to as the main cause behind the storyline of this book?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Lola! No worries on being late. Books are great stress relievers and a wonderful way to step into someone else's life for a mini vacation.

    Meghan, the main person to inspire the story line would be Jack Frost, although he's a legendary character and not a real person. The lore and stories about him helped me create the story line.

  13. Congratulations, Lola Thomas! You're the winner of the bracelet and author swag! I will contact you soon for your postal address.

    1. Thanks Faith for stopping by and for the amazing giveaway!

      Congrats Lola! Heather