Friday, April 12, 2013

Review ~ Misplaced Hands (Foreign Affairs, #4) by Lexxie Couper and Mari Carr

A “life swap” with her Australian friend finds Harper on Farpoint Creek Cattle Station, resident teacher for the next two weeks. Having rarely left Chicago, she’s unprepared for many things Down Under—not the least of which is an instant, and instantly intense, attraction to not one, but two Aussie cowboys. She’d promised herself an adventure, so when the handsome pair come calling, Harper dives in. Literally.

Stockmen Keith and Marc are head over heels in lust with the American teacher, though the attraction brings about some surprising revelations. Such as how right it feels to share a woman. This woman. No jealousy between the lifelong mates, just a burning need to bring Harper pleasure. Together. And they do so—until an unsettling event unearths her tragic revelation.

Between Harper’s inability to confide in the men and her stay at Farpoint racing to an end, it seems inevitable their loving ménage will soon break apart. Doesn’t it?

Inside Scoop: This story has a very brief recollection of child abuse. Good thing Harper has two strong stockmen to chase away bad memories.
A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

I first want to start out by saying that prior to reading this novel I had never read any of the others in the Foreign Affairs series. With that being said this book can be read as a stand-alone. I was able to jump right in and not be confused about what was going on. Harper Shaw is an elementary school teacher from Chicago that has led a pretty sheltered life. She has a very overprotective brother, Andrew, but he has his reasons for being so overprotective. Something happens in Harper’s childhood that leaves her slightly broken. Harper decides she wants a bit of adventure in her life and switches places with Amy, a teacher friend of hers who she met on the internet and lives in Australia, for two weeks. I definitely felt connected to Harper right off the bat. You are pulled into her head and as someone that has also never been out of the country before I felt like I would relate to what Harper was feeling when she found herself in the Australian Outback.

Harper decides against letting Andrew know where she is going and heads off to Australia to be a teacher on a cattle ranch surrounded by cowboys or jackaroos as the Australians call them. When she arrives at the airport she is met by Ronnie “Big Mac” and she is seriously underwhelmed by his lack of sex appeal. She just hopes all the jackaroos don’t look like this guy and finds out quickly when they get back to the ranch that she has nothing to worry about.

She is quickly introduced to Keith “Blue” and Marc “Thomo” who can only be described as the perfect sexy cowboys she came to Australia expecting to find. An instant attraction ensues from all sides and a ménage quickly starts up. But what happens to this threesome when the two weeks are up? All in all the sex scenes were very steamy and I enjoyed getting to know all the characters.

The Australian slang was a little hard to get the hang of at first but since Harper doesn’t understand either and has to get most of it explained you feel like you are learning right alongside her. After a while it’s not so bad and it almost feels as if you are immersing yourself into an actual Australian ranch. Ultimately I gave this story only 4 stars because it was on the shorter side and the ending was a little abrupt but I do plan on going back to the beginning of the series to read about how the other relationships started. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in reading a steamy romance with two sexy Australian cowboys.

Warning: There is mention of child abuse in this story. It does not go too much into detail but if it makes you uncomfortable I might pass this one up.
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to BBMoreB free of charge by Ellora’s Cave for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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