Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review ~ Concealed Desire by Eden Summers

A love that breaks all the rules…

Since her first day at work, Beth Graison has been in love with Dean Sutherland—the “Son” in Sutherland & Son. Although he’s an unrepentant player, there’s an unmistakable connection between them, and she knows he feels it too. But she’s not about to risk her career for any man, especially one with an office right down the hall whom she works with every day.

Dean Sutherland doesn’t do love, but he does do women. And he hasn’t felt more than sexual attraction for any woman until Beth. Entirely feminine, smart, and with a natural beauty beyond compare, she makes him think about all kinds of uncomfortable things—like a future and happiness—things he knows from experience are pure fiction.

When his father, the “Sutherland” in Sutherland & Son, propositions Beth to be more than just an employee, Dean can’t keep her at arm’s length any longer. But he doesn’t expect the scorching kiss they share, or the idea that forms when he holds her in his arms. Can he stop his father’s manipulating game by making the first move on Beth? Or will his reputation as a womanizer make him just one more Sutherland she wants to ignore?
The book starts out right in the middle of a meeting that Beth Graison is having with her boss, Max Sutherland. He is old enough to be her father but here she sits in this very uncomfortable meeting where he is propositioning her to be his mistress. Beth says that she will sleep on it and gets out of that meeting as fast as she can. The whole time you are in Beth’s head during this meeting you feel the whole ick factor going on and how grossed out Beth feels. Literally running to her office to grab her purse and leave very early for the day, not even bothering to shut down her computer. On her way out she catches the eye of Dean Sutherland, the boss’s son, the one man she has had her eye on ever since she started working here and the biggest womanizer at the company. She gives a small wave and high tails it out of there. 

On her way out of the building, she decides to stop at the bar on the lobby floor where she precedes to get drunker than she planned to but she can’t keep the memory of the meeting out her mind and she hopes the alcohol will burn the memory away. Dean comes and rescues Beth and takes her home, on the way they share a few very passionate kisses with their obvious attraction towards each other. Dean refuses to take advantage of Beth in her drunken state but promises he will be back when she is sober. Little does Beth know, Dean actually stays the night on her couch until she wakes up. This part I thought was a little creepy because he pretended to leave but actually never did. 

The book then proceeded like most in the genre, they got together, there is a misunderstanding, they fight, they get back together and live happily ever after. The thing that really got me was the timeframe of this book. Beth gets drunk on Friday, they spend all day Saturday falling in love, then comes Monday morning, and the misunderstanding and Beth locks herself up her in the house and refuses to speak to anyone because she is so heartbroken. The whole timetable was really unbelievable to me. I realize that they have worked together for years, but there is a difference between a work-relationship and a relationship-relationship. Other than the unbelievable timetable I thought this book wasn’t too bad and was a pretty quick read.
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to BBMoreB free of charge by the Author for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


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