Friday, June 21, 2013

Review + Giveaway ~ Profile of Evil (Profile #1) by Alexa Grace

Carly Stone is a brilliant FBI agent who’s seen more than her share of evil. Leaving the agency, she becomes a consultant for Indiana County Sheriff Brody Chase. He needs her help to catch a savage killer who is luring teenaged girls to their death in the handsome sheriff’s community.

The two are determined to stop a dangerous predator before he takes another life — at any cost.
I love this author’s ability to skirt the edge of danger and give you the heebie-jeebies. This book encapsulates every parent with a teenage daughter worst nightmare. Yet she infuses it with tender moments between Brody and Carly to offset the malevolence.

Like all of Alexa Grace's previous books this one puts the readers on full-alert; it is a high-voltage, fraught-with-danger, vicarious experience that is and super-charged with breathtaking love... Ms. Grace created another riveting story that assails the senses and churn your emotions.

Looking forward to the next 2 stories - this is a family of hot-sexy men.
Profile of Terror featuring Private investigator, Playboy, and youngest brother, Gabriel Chase.
Profile of Fear featuring Lead detective, Cameron Chase.

And maybe if we beg and plead we can get a bonus hottie…Brody’s best friend and Shawnee county coroner, Bryan Pittman.

Ends 6/30. US Only.

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