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Spotlight + Interview ~ A Kiss in the Dark by Eli Easton

Lane Lester is a graphic designer who has a small business creating web sites in Seattle. At a holiday party hosted by one of his clients, the power goes out. In the dark, a man pulls Lane aside and kisses him as he’s never been kissed before. Lane can’t forget the passion in that kiss, and he goes on a quest to learn the identity of his mysterious admirer.

Lane has a few suspects, and his roommate, Dale, helps him remember details about the man through hypnosis. But when Lane finally discovers the identity of his admirer, it’s a shock. Lane learns that something that seems impossible in the light of day can happen in the tempting anonymity of the dark.

About Eli Easton 

Having been, at various times and under different names, a minister’s daughter, a computer programmer, a game designer, the author of paranormal mysteries, a fan fiction writer, an organic farmer and a profound sleeper, Eli is happily embarking on yet another incarnation as a m/m romance author. 

As an avid reader of such, she is tinkled pink when an author manages to combine literary merit, vast stores of humor, melting hotness and eye-dabbing sweetness into one story. She promises to strive to achieve most of that most of the time. She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, three bulldogs, three cows and six chickens. All of them (except for the husband) are female, hence explaining the naked men that have taken up residence in her latest fiction writing. 

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For all of our followers who may not be familiar with you work, could you tell us a bit about yourself? 

I’m new to the m/m romance genre, but I’ve been writing professionally for twenty years. I’ve written a slew of computer games and I also wrote four mystery/thriller novels under a different name. I’m female, married, and I live in Pennsylvania. I’m a huge romance reader and got into m/m romance about a year ago. I am hopelessly addicted! My favorite authors are Amy Lane, J. L. Merrow, Heidi Cullinan and Z. A. Maxfield. I prefer to read contemporaries and I adore humor, sweetness and heat! 

Tell us a little about your process. Do you start with an idea? A character? What is the easiest part of writing for you? What’s the hardest?

Usually the general story concept comes first. I love to work with prompts – for example, an anthology theme. (“A Kiss in the Dark” is part of the “Closet Capers” anthology, which had a theme of light mystery). But I also have a notebook full of ideas that I use as the time seems right. 

Plotting comes easily to me because I’m a very logical thinker. The most challenging thing for me to write are sex scenes, because I have to be in the right frame of mind and really immerse myself. It can be difficult to find a new way to say something that so many have written before, and I’m pretty demanding of my own writing. I try to keep it original and fresh. 

How did you come up with the idea for A Kiss in the Dark? 

For this story, it really came down to the prompt for the anthology—they wanted a light mystery story with a strong romantic element. I wanted to do some kind of ‘secret admirer’ story but wanted it to be sexier than a typical love notes scenario. From that came the idea of my main character getting kissed passionately during a power outage and his quest to figure out whodunit. 

Which scene or dialogue was the most difficult for to write? Why? 

The final reveal of the mystery man and then the sex scene that follows was the most challenging section to write. The whole story had built up to that moment, so I wanted to make it a big enough payoff for the reader. 

What are you currently working on? What other release do you have planned for 2013?

I have a number of things coming out soon. 

June -- "The Lion and the Crow", a historical m/m romance novella set in medieval times and featuring two knights. It will be free as part of the "Love Has No Boundaries" event on

July/Aug '13 -- "Superhero", a YA m/m romance novella coming from Harmony Ink featuring a friendship between a budding comic book artist and a champion high school wrestler. (friends-to-lovers story)

Aug/Sept '13 -- "The Trouble with Tony", first in the "Sex in Seattle" series about a sex clinic in Seattle. This novella features a hard-ass, ex-military sex therapist and a PI trying to dig dirt on a murdered patient. Contemporary/humorous. Coming from Dreamspinner Press.

Sept/Oct '13 -- "Puzzle Me This", a contemporary novella featuring a computer game designer who is courted by a mystery man who leaves messages in a newspaper crossword. Coming from Dreamspinner Press. 

My current WIP is the second novella in the “Sex in Seattle” series. 

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?

I’m new new to m/m romance and to this pen name, so I don’t have many experiences under my belt as Eli Easton. But previously, I wrote mystery/thrillers under a different name. One of my books was nominated for a Philip K Dick award and I was able to attend the banquet and read an excerpt from the book. I was terrified to read in front of a big crowd, but it was a great feeling to be honored like that. 

Do you have any specific last thoughts that you want to share with us?

I am a goodreads aficionado and I love to review romance books and read other people’s reviews. Feel free to friend me there (I’m on goodreads as Eli Easton). You’ll be able to pick up my novella “The Lion and the Crow” on goodreads for free in June as part of the m/m romance group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” event.  

Thank you so much for having me stop by! 

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  1. What an intriguing storyline -- its great! I'll be looking this one up for purchase- thanks!