Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review ~ Vivian's Return by Tracy Cooper-Posey

For five years Vivian and Paul were together, constantly challenging each other to greater and more daring feats. Paul flew helicopters and often helped in sea searches and rescues. Vivien won championships in all the dangerous sports—windsurfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, and flying. Through it all, Paul was right there beside her.

Until suddenly and without explanation, after a sea rescue that went horribly wrong, Vivien left town.

Seven years have passed and Vivien has returned. Why is she back? And what will happen when she meets Paul?
I truly enjoyed this book! This was a great romance story of true love and the give and take aspects of a relationship! Vivian and Paul were in love and together for 5 years. Vivian was full of life, adventurous, fearless and could do whatever she set her mind too! Paul on the other hand was a risk taker as well as adventurous, but Paul's family was very old fashion! Paul wanted to protect Vivian from everything, he would have loved for her to be a house wife. Then he would have known she was safe, protected and well taken care of!

Vivian' s strong will where she craved adventure wouldn't let her live that life, so she left. 7 years later she returned because of work! Both were so strong-willed I enjoyed reading about their battles to change each others way of thinking! Parts of this book had me Laughing out loud, I also found myself hoping they could get past their differences. When they weren't disagreeing they were such a cute couple! This was a Fun, sweet book with several moments of suspense! I highly recommend.
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to BBMoreB free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


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