Monday, July 15, 2013

Your Opinion Needed

I was catching up on my blog post reading and ran across 2 posts by My Shelf Confessions called Pet Peeves Pt 1: That’s Right We’re Bitchin and Pet Peeves Pt 2: So We’re Still Bitchin? I found these posts very interesting. They got me wondering what my followers (or the occasional passersby) thought of my blog. Well since I am not psychic I thought I would just put the question out there.

So consider this the opportunity to help me give you more/less of what you want to see. Stop by and read over their Pet Peeves; then in the comment section of this post tell me YOUR opinion about what changes you would like to see on BBMoreBPLEASE keep in relevant to this blog only.

I am willing to listen to your constructive comments (i.e. I hate purple isn’t constructive) and with my next redesign I might incorporate your suggestions. Everything is up for comment; you can even make suggestions about my Facebook posts and Twitter Feed. 

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