Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review ~ Something's Cooking by Meg Lacey

Something’s cookin in more than the kitchen…

Tess Banyon is a ‘Martha Stewart’ type of homemaker-guru-marketing-entrepreneur-extraordinaire. Investigative journalist, Josh Farraday’s is determined to convince the women of America that Tess is too good to be true.

He’s right.

Tess is a marvelous marketer with tons of ideas, but she can’t really cook and has been known to attach herself to a grapevine wreath with her glue gun. Now she’s doing her own TV show, and Josh has been assigned to do a behind-the-scenes story.

Their first meeting is a disaster, but Tess’ mom, Clarie, and sister, Marla, decide that tough, uncompromising, sexy Josh is the perfect man for their uptight, workaholic, adorable Tess. The only problem is convincing both of them. Tess and Josh are manipulated into spending all of their time together. That’s when all hell breaks lose.

Although Tess and Josh loathe each other on the surface, underneath, their passion is threatening to bubble over.
At the beginning of the book, Tess is freaking about a reporter coming and exposing her secret. The book is really her trying to hide herself from Josh but continually making more and more mistakes that make him more suspicious. During all this, her mother and sister are covering for her, and you as reader know that almost from the beginning. But while spending so much time together they start falling for each other. Both are fighting it for their own reason. See what you think about this one!

I truly enjoyed reading Something's Cooking. Tess was a public figure who cooked and did crafts. Josh or JR was a reporter who continually bashed Tess in his Columns. He wrote his Columns under JR, so when Tess got her own show, Josh convinced his boss to let him go in as Josh and prove she was a fake.

Tess was a great character from the beginning. She was sweet, made mistakes but could laugh at her mistakes, strong, funny, caring and giving. I wasn't to sure about Josh in the beginning, not the he was bad, just seemed lost and had underlying issues, but he was strong, stubborn, passionate, loving.

The chemistry between these two were something neither of them planned on nor wanted for their own reasons, but Tess' s mother and sister had different ideas. This book was funny, sweet, just an all-around excellent read.
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge by the publisher for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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