Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review ~ Undercover Temptations by Amanda McIntyre

Cat Madsen left her hometown ten years ago, escaping to Vegas with hopes of becoming a famous showgirl, but those dreams evaporate when she finds out that the owner of the club she pole-dances at also dabbles in drug trafficking. Now, using her ailing father as an excuse to return home to the town that rejected her, Cat is back with a renewed determination to prove her worth. But her tarnished reputation may prevent her from building a future among small-town attitudes.

When an undercover assignment lands Detective Reese Jamieson in the tiny town of Sweetwater, he is skeptical it’s a hotspot for anything. Then he gets his first glimpse of the ex-Vegas showgirl who runs the new pole-dancing workout studio. Reported to be a hometown gal with a checkered past, she is considered the prime suspect to front a drug ring, but he begins to wonder once someone threatens the beautiful woman’s life and business. Reese struggles to keep things professional. When things become personal, Reese must risk everything, including Cat’s trust, to protect her from the past.
Undercover Temptation was a short but good read. Cat left the small town as soon as she graduated high school. She couldn't leave fast enough between the strained relationship between her and her mother, her alcoholic father, and her being labeled as rebellious teenager and paying for her parents mistakes, she left hoping never to look back. But came home after her mother death and father's accident and opened her on business. Cat was truly strong, caring, forgiving and was able to pick her self up and keep moving forward. Reese came to town undercover looking for drugs. Reese was truly an all around good guy, completely dedicated to his job, loyal, supportive, passionate, caring, protective. Undercover Temptation has Romance, Suspense as well as Twist and Turns I never saw coming. This good Short read.
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