Sunday, September 29, 2013

Guest Post ~ Tigris Eden + Spotlight ~ Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode Six

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Sci-Fi, the reason I love writing it….

Thank you to Heather at Books Books and More Books for having my on the blog today! 

Red Hawk Mercenary Group is a part of season two, in Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories. It features Ghost, aka Rebekah Beechum who really doesn’t play well with others. She’s ballsy and says pretty much whatever she wants. She is super human and shares her body with her animal counterpart, Elle who’s a grey wolf. Not to mention she has diamonds embedded on the right side of her face. Which of course makes her uber cool! The story is based on Earth, a couple of thousand years into the future and there are only two sustainable continents that Earth’s inhabitants can live on. New Mecca and New Zion. The setting is definitely Sci-Fi but with strong erotic elements. 

It’s fun to build new worlds, or even destroy old ones. In Red Hawk there are Other-worlders, who are aliens of different types of species, humanoid as well as grotesque. There is even a fungus like alien that inhabits the outer areas called the Outlands where “Dark Matter,” fungus takes over things human and inanimate and takes any and all nutrients. There are Mogs, which are human hybrids, half human and half alien. In Episode 5 I briefly introduce a bar owner who has extra limbs, as in all areas. J 

With Sci-Fi the sky is the limit, I can write whatever I want, and because it’s Sci-Fi, I can break into whatever I feel like. There are no rules and I have no limitations. There are moments though when I do get stuck, and have to think of a plausible way to get unstuck. But it usually has to do with description and setting. 

I enjoy the world building, and I also enjoy that if I want someone to fly, they can fly, with little or no explanation as to why. Its Sci-Fi… Anything goes!

Thanks for having me on the blog!

Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 2 which also includes episode 6, will be out October 12, be sure to stop by Amazon and Barnes and Noble to get your copy! Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories. 

Read a book before bedtime and fall in love with, Romantic Tales:Bedtime Stories Season 2

This season finale includes the startling ending to Archer and Rebekah's story in Red Hawk Mercenary Group: Ghost. In the last episode we learn that Bekah killed Archer's wife. But how does she cope? Can she tell him the truth now while they are on assignment to catch a killer? Or does she wait?

In Mail order groom all it takes is a trip, a blind date, along with a mysterious message from an online dating site to get things moving. All are a part of Jessica's continuing quest for love.

Romantic Tales is also pleased to announce we have a new comer to the team. We hope you enjoy her three chapter teaser of, The Vixen Flower.

A request by a famous rock star photographer, and a three day fling take Viscaria and Mark on journey that brings out a side Viscaria never knew existed.

Episode Six Releases released on Oct. 12th.