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Interview ~ Dovey Mayali Cralk + Spotlight ~ Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Episode Six

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Q: How did you get involved in Romantic Tales?

Well, I was helping the lovely ladies out, and one day Tigris mentioned that I should try submitting something for them. I wrote The Vixen Flower, sent it in, and here I am! I was super nervous about it (still am, if I’m being honest!), but fought my fears down and gave it my best shot.

Q: What is The Vixen Flower about?

It’s about a quiet woman, Viscaria, who suddenly gets the surprise of a lifetime. After asking rock star/photographer to be a cover model for her, he shows up on her doorstep. A three day love affair ensues, and she opens up, begins to come out of her shell.

Q: Was there anything in particular that inspired this?

Hahaha, just a deliciously naughty dream I had!

Q: Speaking of naughty, are those type of scenes easy for you write?

HA! No, I sit there and blush through the whole thing!

Q: What are some things you need when you write?

CAFFEINE! And some type of background noise, as long as it’s the TV or music. If actual people are around, the writing part of my brain seems to just down. I also need my laptop, as my mind runs much faster than a pencil in my hand does!

Q: For all of the BBMoreB followers who may not be familiar with your work, tell us a bit more about yourself?

I am just beginning in the world of writing, and don’t really stick with any particular genre. The Romantic Tales: Bedtimes Stories episode six will contain a three chapter teaser of The Vixen Flower, an erotic romance I am working on for season 3, while my upcoming novel, The Chronicles of Valen, has more of a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic feel. My family and I call Texas home, and I always love hearing from people, so if the mood strikes you, feel free!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, please! I want to thank several people. I want to thank Ty and Tigris for giving me this opportunity, you ladies ROCK! The supporters on my FB page, you guys keep me going when I get down. Kasey, Dana, and my un-brother Jason, you don’t know how much your support means to me! I love each and every one of you! While I’m sure there’s some missing, I’ll get to my last, but certainly not least thank you: BBMoreB, thank you SO much for having me! This is my first blog appearance, and I sincerely hope I didn’t mess this up too badly. I hope that my writing lives up to expectations, and that you all can enjoy my little ditty. Thanks all!

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Romantic Tales is also pleased to announce we have a new comer to the team. We hope you enjoy her three chapter teaser of, The Vixen Flower.

A request by a famous rock star photographer, and a three day fling take Viscaria and Mark on journey that brings out a side Viscaria never knew existed.

Episode Six Releases released on Oct. 12th.

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