Monday, September 9, 2013

Review ~ Wicked Night (The Amulet #1) by Caris Roane

Will he set aside his vow and bind the woman to him forever…

Gabriel, of French descent, and master vampire of the Reavenshire tribe, never expected to desire a human-fae as much as he does Thea. He craves her body as well as her blood and when he holds her in his arms, his binding tendrils seek entrance constantly. He doesn’t want to be bound to her, but when Thea comes to him, in need of his tribe’s healing amulet, will he sacrifice his freedom as he battles to save the woman he loves?

Will she surrender to her desire for a vampire…

Thea has resisted Gabriel for two long years, but her need for the healing amulet to save her mother’s life forces her to pay the price he demands. Passion blossoms as she gives herself to him, yet nothing feels simple in her relationship with the vampire. When her search for the amulet turns deadly, will her means of survival destroy hope of love forever?
Wow! I love Caris Roane' s books and this didn't disappoint! I just love Vampires. What's not to love about a hot, alpha, romantic, protective, passionate,caring, master vampire. And that is exactly what Gabriel was. Gabriel had been pursuing Thea with no luck until she needed a favor that threw them together. This book was hot and steamy with a great storyline. This is a great book  to read over a couple of hours and great if you like a little suspense or action thrown in. I highly recommend.


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