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Exclusive Excerpt + Review + Giveaway ~ Captivating the CEO by Sara Daniel

When live-for-the-moment massage therapist Willow Jeffries bursts into Colin Vanderhayden's office, she makes it her mission to loosen up the future-focused CEO, knowing each moment of the present is too precious to waste. Despite her immediate attraction, the only future she can offer is one full of heartache.

The last thing Colin needs is a flighty woman messing up his carefully-constructed plans, but her heavenly massages and addictive personality prove heard to resist. But he has no idea how sick she is.

No longer able to ignore her life-threatening medical condition, Willow slips away to spare Colin a miserable future with her. Is Colin willing to sacrifice his well-laid future plans to get Willow back?
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“You’re not ready?” Willow’s brow furrowed as she glanced at him. “You’re at your desk. I don’t have any modesty reservations about you removing your coat or shirt in front of me.”
“My phone conference isn’t ready.”
She pressed her palms to her chest and outrageously staggered a couple steps. “How terrible. You’re not talking to anyone else yet and might have to endure my conversation.”
The unfamiliar tone took a moment to register. Teasing. She apparently took his decision to book her for another session as proof she didn’t need to follow his rules, not to mention corporate decorum.
“I’m sorry. I tried, sir,” his secretary said in a small voice from the doorway.
“I’ll handle this, Louise. You set up the call.”
“Yes, sir.” Backing away, she closed the door behind her.
His own words mocked him. Did he have any chance of handling Willow? Hadn’t he asked for her specifically because she didn’t fall in line with everyone else and he craved something different? He tried to roll his shoulders to dissipate the growing tightness, but the action sent fingers of agony spiraling down his neck and back. No, he’d requested her because she knew how to fix the pain.
“Do you intimidate everyone you meet?” Either the lighting reflected oddly from her shirt, or her lip gloss sported a strange bluish hue, standing out against her nearly gothic, pale skin.
“Apparently not.” Tearing his attention from her mouth, he regarded her pointedly.
“Good.” Shooting him a cheeky grin, she waltzed around the desk.
Her banter relieved a pressure deeper than any muscle spasm. Weird lip gloss and Pocahontas fashion ideas aside, she simultaneously soothed and stimulated him with her presence.
She brushed the collar of his suit. “If I promise not to swoon at the sight of your pristine white shirt, would you be willing to part with your coat for a half hour?”
“Only if you promise to stop mocking me.” Even with the assertive demand, he didn’t have any anger to add heat to his words, enjoying her refreshing contrast to everyone who cowered and stammered apologies around him.
As if considering, she tapped her index finger against her lips, her nails painted in a similar bluish-purple shade as her lip gloss. “You drive a hard bargain. But all right. I accept.”

This was a short read that tugged on your heartstrings. Colin was a big time CEO that was all work and no play. Colin wanted to be fully prepared for the future. When he called Willow in for massages, they quickly realized they had different goals. Willow cherished every moment as it might be her last, she was also strong, caring, compassionate, friendly and giving where as Colin was completely worked orientated. Neither realized that one moment could change opinions and thoughts. This was a good quick read.
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

Author Bio

Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance and captivating small-town drama. She writes to entertain and to give people hope and a belief that everything can and will turn out happily ever after. On the personal side, Sara is a frazzled chauffeur, chef, personal assistant and slave to her children. She's crazy about country music and the drama of NASCAR. She has her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. In addition to Zane’s Art, she is also the author of Construction Beauty Queen, The Wiccan Haus: Psychic Lies, The Wiccan Haus: A Man Worth Fighting For, Mr. Forever, More Than a Fantasy, and Wyatt’s Guilt (sequel to Zane’s Art). 

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