Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Post + Giveaway ~ Make Me Howl by Susan Shay

Reader First

Thank you so much for having me! 

Like most writers, I'm a reader first. (I've never met a really good writer who didn't love reading. Have you?) 

I enjoy all kinds of genres. At one time in my life, I read every Louis L'amour book I could get my hands on. I loved living the life of a man or woman in the old west and seeing parts of the west that we zoom past in cars now from horseback. 

When my youngest son was born, I had one of Louis's books on the table with me. The nurse wrestled it away from me just in time for the delivery. (It's a wonder I didn't name him Louis.)

When I took my first writing class, the teacher said, "This class is going to ruin reading for you." She went on to tell us what to look for as we read a book, such as turning points, conflict, character arcs, etc. But that didn't happen. (Thank goodness!) 

Of course, it gets a little crowded inside my head now that I've read books such as, "Save the Cat," by Blake Snyder and, "The Hero's Journey," by Joseph Campbell. Phrases like Break two, Dark night of the soul and Call to adventure bounce around in there, but none of it messes with me when I'm into a really good book.

Why? I guess it's because I'm really good at suspending reality. I'd never heard that term before I started writing, but all readers of fiction do it. (At least, I think we all do it.) 

Any time we daydream, we've suspended reality. When we see a great movie that really sucks us in, we suspend reality. When we read, listen to a tale, imagine ourselves as someone else, reality is set aside. 

And I love it. 

Do you realize how many lives we get to live by doing that? Instead of the one we've been assigned, we can live several dozen—maybe hundreds or thousands, if you're a fast enough reader. 

When I was in elementary school, I loved reading the childhood biographies of famous people. Will Rogers, Amelia Earhart, Jane Adams and Molly Pitcher were all lives I enjoyed "living" because of those books.

Today I enjoy authors such as Marilyn Pappano, Kristan Higgins, Kristin Hannah, Tess Gerritsen, Kay Hooper and Holly Jacobs. (I'm kind of eclectic in my reading.) Why? Because through their books, I get to live amazing romances, suspense, humor, drama and psychic wows! J

When I wrote, MAKE ME HOWL, (which is available from Kindle Books and will be available in print form from The Wild Rose Press on November 15th, 2013) I suspended reality to create a werewolf world all my own. And as I wrote, I'd fit myself into Jazzy's character (or Bella's or Doc's) and become them. I guess there's a piece of me in every character I've created. Even the bad guys. (My serial killer in BLIND SIGHT had a lot of me in him. LOL) 

I can't tell you how interesting it is to learn to respond to things as if you're someone else. All those years of "Play like" when I was a kid really comes in handy! 

People often tell me, "I'm too busy to read." I think that's the saddest thing in the world. Reading and writing is what keeps me sane in this crazy world. I get depressed if I'm not reading a good book.

When Chase Holliday's gaze first met mine, something tingled on my end. He was hot. Dark blue eyes, a square jaw, hair that was just a little too long, and this way of focusing that made me wonder if I should attack or run.

And I never run.

Together we'd make a pair anyone would sit up and notice--at least that's what I thought. Then I learned that he planned to wipe werewolves from the face of the planet. And since I was born with an active werewolf gene, well, let's just say our twain could never meet.

Until a Blood Moon occurred while I was in heat and all my hard earned control went slamming out the window with me right behind it. That's when I learned that, like wolves in nature, werewolves mate for life.

I'm in deep trouble.
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  1. I do love my paranormal books. thanks for giveaway.

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  3. Make Me Howl Sounds really GOOD!! I'm so looking forward to reading this book! Thank you so much for having this awesome giveaway!!!

  4. Love the summary! I don't need a full moon though to get in trouble;)

  5. Great post. Loved the blurb. This is a new author for me. I love to read and always looking for something new to check out. I am a huge fan of Wolves & Werewolves. I love alpha characters and wolves always fit by read.
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