Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spotlight + Giveaway ~ Love Songs for the Road by Farrah Taylor

A rock star. The nanny. A love that could rock their world.

The only thing rock star Marcus Troy loves more than making music is his kids. So finding just the right nanny to take on tour with them is important—as is proving to his ex he deserves joint custody. Falling for his employee wouldn’t just be fodder for the paparazzi: it could ruin everything.

Too bad the perfect nanny turns out to be beautiful, vibrant Ryan Evans. Ryan’s never left her small Montana town before, so she jumps at the chance to see the country. And as much as accidental fame doesn’t gel with shy Ryan, what does is her relationship with her capricious, smoking-hot, shockingly good dad of a boss. Marcus is nothing like what she expected. But when the whole world’s watching them, will life in the spotlight be too hot to handle?

Love Songs for the Road by Farrah Taylor is a sweet tale of Marcus, paramedic turned rock star, and Ryan – the nanny working on her degree in early childhood. Ryan agrees to be the nanny of Marcus’s two children while he is on his ten week tour. Ryan is a small town girl who has never left her home state of Montana recommended for a position that would have her travelling the country. Taking care of kids is Ryan’s joy in life – adding the sexy dad into the mix, especially a famous one makes her nervous. They start out as mutually attracted, though not admitted employer/employee. However, when everyone in the press assumes they are seeing and sleeping with one another it is hard to have that not drive you farther apart. Instead, it draws them closer together and we find the nanny is made to be a mom and will get the chance to stay in the lives and hearts of these two precocious children and that of their father.

This is a sweet romance, with hints of sex but little explicit. It is a nice change of pace from most romance novels where all you see is the physical and little actual romance. Good writers draw you into their world and get you to care about the characters. This story does that. You will be cheering in their successes, and willing to take a swing at those who try and tear them apart. Your heart will go out to the children as they see they are little more than a pawn in their mothers’ life as she seeks out chances to hurt their father.

All in all this story is worth a read. Great work of literature, well no, but a good story to curl up under your blankets and read, imagining you were in Marcus’s arms as he lays himself bare in his song lyrics. 
Disclosure: This ebook was provided to BBMoreB free of charge by Ellora's Cave for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

About the Author:

A reading specialist with a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, Farrah Taylor has taught first grade in Northwest Montana for over a decade. She is thrilled to be publishing her first novel, Love Songs for the Road. Farrah, a lifelong music lover who has spent far too much of her savings on concert tickets, is glad to finally be seeing a return on the investment. She lives with her husband, Ty, and son, Latham, in Polson, Montana. 
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