Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unwritten + Spotlight + Giveaway ~ The Couple by Harlie Williams

A woman has one thing on her mind tonight…sex. Dirty, sweaty, kinky sex with a cowboy. With her man gone more than he is at home, she needs the release.

After being away for two weeks, a cowboy goes looking for someone to play with for the night. Being away is part of the job but not having someone to come home to is hurting his soul. Feeling disconnected in his love life, the red head will be perfect.

Once they meet, can one night of pure passion led to more than just a one night stand for either of them? 

Communication is the key to every relationship. Can these two find a way to connect emotionally or are they destined for heartache.

Heroine’s POV from The Couple:

Maybe my girlfriend’s think I’m cracked.  Trying to hook up with a cowboy in the last place I need to be…a bar.  They just don’t understand that I’m truly lonely and need a night where I can forget, be pleasured to where I’m either begging for him to stop because it’s too much or for more.  I have needs and I can’t help that they have men at their beck and call 24/7.  This is my life not theirs.  I haven’t been tied up in a while and tonight is the night.

Where is that cowboy that I keep seeing in the bar?  He almost had me last month, but I left him hanging and hard.  He He!  I don’t plan on doing that this time.  I want his jeans around his ankles, me on my knees and him screaming my name when he comes.  I want my hair pulled, spread eagle on his bed and screaming his name. 
Now where is he?  Oh wait, there he is and damn, he is hot!            

About The Author

When she is not trying to be Super Blogger and reviewing for her own site, Harlie is a stay at home with a 3rd grade son that keeps her busy with all of his stuff. Married for 9 years to her own hero and still madly in love with him, she wouldn’t change a thing about her life. Okay, maybe living in Ireland or New Zealand but those are just pipe dreams.

A certifiable sports nut, she craves college football (OU Sooners and Texas A&M Aggies), Baseball (Texas Rangers and Houston Astros), Dallas Stars hockey and Houston Texans football. After working for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club for 5 years and naming her son after Brian Leetch you’d think she write a hockey story. Nope, been there, done that and the t-shirt is a rag. She prefers just to watch the game now. Less stress.

Harlie loves to hear from readers and other authors. You can find her on Facebook most days. Unless, she’s sitting in the carpool line. The bane of her existence.

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  1. i enjoy reading full stories and not short ones

  2. Thank you for hosting me today! Digging up that scene was a blast! :)

    I enjoy shorter ones because of my time constraints.


  3. I loved loved LOVED this short story, way to go Harlie.

    Thanks so much Heather for hosting today!

  4. I like short and full-length stories- depends on my time limitations. Short stories are perfect for reading while I'm waiting for a plane, or while sipping coffee at my local cafe.

  5. I always prefer a longer story but have some short stories that were so complete that I've read them over and over...