Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review ~ Freshman Year: Engaged and Enslaved (Slut University) by Lillian Nightshade

Allie was a sweet, naive girl who had waited to find the man who would finally make her want to sleep with him.

Jake, once married, now divorced, had given up hope of finding a woman that was everything he wanted, but Allie was so close. All she needed was a little training.

The day Allie agreed to marry him was the day her life would change forever. Determined to never again be forced to hide his true desires, Jake began to look for ways to mold her. This search lead him to Slut University, an institution that came highly recommended by a friend. The brochure promised to turn the most reserved girl into a wanton slut and the personal sex slave of their partner. Jake couldn't resist.
Allie is a sweet girl who just got engaged to her boyfriend Jake. Her ring and his question seem to have strings though. He wants her, but not as she is. He sends her to Slut University to teach her to be the perfect slut and submissive for him. The idea of the ring and collar being intertwined gets my back up a bit – if you love someone you love that person, as they are not forcing them to change.

Lillian Nightshade’s books are very hot and written so you want to find your B.O.B. as you sit down to read. The idea of a university where you are taught to serve and please is an intriguing idea. In some ways I wish there was such a place where you could enroll for short times to learn to please to your Master’s specifications and desires.

This book includes everything from anal, oral and vaginal sex to group sex and realizing every sexual possibility from sex in public and multiple partners to retraining a slave’s brain in how to think and orgasm control. The beautiful part of this is that even though Allie is going through all of this because of the desires of Jake he does seem to be considering what she is enticed by at least part of the time.

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