Sunday, October 5, 2014

Review ~ Loom Knitting Afghans, Blankets & Cushions: More Than 20 No-Needle Designs by Isela Phelps

Popular loom knitting maven Isela Phelps is back with a new book containing patterns for afghans, blankets, and throws. Whether you're new to loom knitting or a serial afghan knitter looking for some new exciting projects, this book has lots to delve into from blankets featuring graphic chevron patterns or a variety of stitches and textures, to easy patchwork throws or blankets showcasing intricate cables and lace patterns. As the projects are arranged from beginner to advanced, new loom knitters can progress through the designs while learning and mastering techniques along the way. 

Isela provides the clear, easy-to-follow instructions her books are known for, and shares hints and tips for how to choose the right loom and yarn for a project. An illustrated introductory chapter explains and demonstrates everything you need to know about loom knitting and serves as a great refresher course. A finishing section helps you achieve expert results and provides instructions for how to personalize your designs with a range of embellishments.
I was very excited to receive this book.

This book has some great inspirational patterns within it's covers.

My projects so far:
The Stroller Stripes Blanket (pgs 82-83) - I made it in Purple & Green since my stubborn friend refused to reveal the baby's gender.

The Braid Circular Lapghan (pgs 104-105) - I modified this pattern to create a shawl. I simply left out 3 wedges and added 5 funky buttons.

Sampler Block Bedspread (pgs 116-121) - This is a work in progress. I am using leftover/scrap yarn to make this spread. This is a great beginner project; the knitter can decide to use all 9 stitches or any combination of them to create the design you want. I favor the Big Bamboo stitch pattern for this blanket.

Striped Mitered Square Blanket (pgs 130-133) - I started this blanket in Dark and light purples. However, after about 8 squares I frogged it. I am not sure if it was the color scheme or the pattern. Maybe i'll try this pattern again one day...but for now it remains in the someday pile.

FYI - this book requires different looms for different patterns. I did not see this mentioned anywhere; so I thought I would make others aware.
Disclosure: This book was provided to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.


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  2. This sounds great. What kind of loom is required? How hard are they to learn?