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{Review} Masquerading with the CEO by Dawn Chartier

About The Book

Masquerading with the CEO by Dawn Chartier

Series: What Happens in Vegas

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC 

Publication Date: July 21, 2015

Genres: Contemporary


After catching her fiancé cheating on their wedding day, interior designer Kylie Edwards swore off high-powered men. But before she can drown herself in wedding cake, she’s dragged to a Vegas romance conference by her friends. At least she’ll be able to meet the hotel’s owner and pitch her new design idea. And maybe attend the elaborate masquerade ball, where business unexpectedly becomes pleasure with the hotel’s oh-so-hot head of security.

Jake Royale's no security guy—he owns the hotel and casino. The masquerade ball gives him the perfect opportunity to drop his high-profile identity and blend in. To be seen as a man, not his money. But when one hot night with Kylie becomes more, Jake knows he’s screwed. Not only will his fake identity cost him the design that will catapult his casino back to the top, it might just cost him the one thing money can't buy...


“…I want someone to wake up with every morning. I want someone to truly love me.”

I enjoyed both the love story and writing style; an incredible introduction to author Dawn Chartier. I am not an admirer of the mistaken identity troupe; even less when the deception continues beyond initial introductions. The blurb was slightly misleading; it led me to believe it was a single night of dishonesty. I would not have taken a chance on this story, but I glad that I could not resist reading it. I would have been disappointed if I had missed this 4-star read.

Today is Kylie Edwards wedding day; she is moments away from becoming Mrs. Brett McAllister. Only on the way to the chapel Jan, Kylie’s best friend and maid of order, makes a ghastly confession, “I slept with Brett.” It is week later and Kylie…feeling betrayed, a little depressed and determined; she wants to be left alone to wallow in self-pity. However, she reluctantly agrees to accompany her remaining two friends to Las Vegas for a Romance Lovers Convention and the opportunity to present her designs to Jake Royale, owner of Masquerade Hotel and Casino.

Infatuation sparks when Jake is mistaken for his best friend, Mason Spelling, by a glaring brunette. The fascination is the perfect distraction from the constant competition with his former friend, Mark Williams.

This reader is hoping for additional stories for Ashlyn, Mark, Mason, and Sara.

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  1. Nice review. I'm going to have add this book to my reading list now. Thanks.